Much comedy, little politics – Offenburg

The Baden-Württemberg cabaret award was awarded in the square of the constitution’s friends.

. Can you imagine a nicer and more suitable atmosphere for the “small version of the Oscars” (as SWR presenter Andi Kraus put it) than the airy E-Werk tent at Kulturforum? In addition, a wonderful avenue of plane trees, a warm summer evening, wine and meetings with many exceptional artists who have been awarded the Baden-Württemberg cabaret award for their work.

The only cabaret award in Germany, offered as a state award by the state government and awarded to 163 artists so far, was awarded this year in Offenburg by ministerial director Hans Reiter from Stuttgart and state managing director Toto and Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg, Georg Wacker, handed over.

With their performances, each lasting around 20 minutes, the award-winning artists gave the audience a vivid insight into their work before the award. The beginning was created by Freiburg songwriter Laura Braun, a musicologist by training, a pianist with a vocal training, whose deep lyrics are as serious as they are beautiful, inventive and simple. Her confession of love for a man who frees her, takes her seriously and challenges her, resulted in a focused silence in the tent and a socially critical song about the “shadow of poverty” that she still feels today as a single child. mother with three jobs, becomes one do not forget so soon. Laura Braun received a sponsorship award.

Grand Prize winner Götz Frittrang from Bamberg specializes in sharp daily observations that make you feel caught because you are doing exactly the same strange and often irrational things. The Crown period gave him free time to clean up with his parents. He concluded that all the little mocha spoons and “good food” that had never been used were intended for an event where the federal president came one day and had to be entertained. This was followed by the praise of my parents’ digital night out, which saves my father from listening to three-hour discussions on topics such as too hard gym mats, the dangers of winter chill on an open-air break, and the like because he just spins around. turn off the sound. Stage presence and a stone face – an attractive mix!

The second main prize was awarded to the HASA band from Swabia. The group writes dialect songs in which they sing about things they have experienced and dreamed of, to the sounds and rhythms of cosmic pop, such as the “cool windle” on Alba Swabia which frees the head and heart, or the dream dancer with his punta Neckar, i.e. Hymn to the present as reggae.

The third main prize went to Helene Bockhorst, a great double binding champion. Her fictional character looks like a village flower that is dressed badly and is as harmless as a sandwich. What he says is, however, a taboo and a violation of all rules of gender roles. She constantly leaves the men and thinks about the best time to break up, and when her friend is having a baby, she asks: “What is the baby eating? How old? do you want to go on vacation? “To transfer some of what your child has learned into their everyday behavior.

The male duo of “die feisten” Rainer Schacht and Matthias Zeh, winner number three, amused themselves with a song about “kissing the ass” that annoys the boss with submissiveness so much that he throws him out. A bachelor party consisting only of gentlemen over the age of 50 only takes place with cannabis tablets.

The honorary laureate, kept secret until the end, was cabaret artist Reiner Breunig, who has performed on stage with a solo program since 1993 and has a unique talent for imitating celebrities, according to jury member Christoph Sonntag. The audience got a few examples of this: Boris Becker in an interview with Michel Friedmann and Rainer Safranski on money, Friedrich Merz with his message of enrichment of the “upper class” and former Chancellor Schröder’s hatred of the current federal government. the government deserved an honorary award. Finally, the topic was politics. Nevertheless: a fun and stylish evening.

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