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Hey, finally a holiday in NRW! The time has come. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the time for rest and relaxation began on 27 June. Vacation 2022 is a series of events, concerts and shows not to be missed. You can now get our tips for the best events for the holiday season with your friends and family right here on the blog.

Holidays in NRW 2022

Summer vacation in NRW has started. Finally, you have time to enjoy the sun with your loved ones, spend great trips and evenings and just switch off. In addition to great hours of sunshine and icy refreshments, numerous events, concerts and shows make this time even sweeter. From Düsseldorf to Dortmund, Bonn and Cologne, NRW has many beautiful cities with even more beautiful events for the summer of 2022.

Summer attractions in NRW

You can find ours here Top 5 events of summer 2022 in NRW. Have a look:

This summer, the best artists from all over the world and the country come to Bonn again for spectacular open-air concerts.

July 14 – October 11

Art! Tickets for the lawn

Knotfest 2022 Germany Line Up

Do you fancy heavy metal? For the first time in Germany: Slipknot brings its legendary festival Knotfest 2022 to Oberhausen!

July 30 / Oberhausen

Knotfest tickets

Open Air Event Garden will return in summer 2022 with great events.

August 11-21 / Remscheid

Tickets for garden events

The HighLight Summer Club will be held for the first time this year as a new EDM and pop music festival in Dortmund.

August 27 / Dortmund

Ticket to the festival

Christmas and family events in NRW 2022

After all, summer vacations mean more time for friends and family. Now you can pack up sunny days with lots of activities and fun and enjoy them until the evening. In addition to great events and concerts, we also have tons of tips for great holiday and family events in summer 2022. Here you can get an overview of upcoming and ongoing summer events for the whole family in and around NRW.

There are tons of answers to many questions at the mouse museum at ODYSSEUM. Be there and learn more about nature and technology.

July 14 – August 2 / Cologne

tickets for events

The Odysseum offers many different and varied events for young and old and guarantees fun for the whole family.


Tickets for the Odyseum

Learning while having fun is the meaning of the word edutainment. And Edutainment is very important in the ODYSSEUM.

July 15 – August 14 / Cologne

tickets for events

On approximately 1,000 square meters, fun and games for young and old await you. 10 days of fun and games at Schützenplatz.

August 11 – August 21 / Remscheid

Tickets for the playground

Markus Krebs will go on tour in Germany with his new show “Comedy, everyone by me?” from the summer of 2022.

August 30 / Cologne

Tickets for Markus Krebs

On the great Voci e Violini Tour 2022, 7 tenors and 4 strings will enchant the audience in the most beautiful churches in Germany! They visit us in many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

July 25 – September 30

Tickets for Voci e Violini

Summer concerts in NRW

Not only children, but also adults among us, must not miss having a good time. This is guaranteed with Ticketmaster. Because in the summer of 2022 there will also be many great rock, pop and many other concerts that will not only make the warm summer in NRW pleasant, but also create memories for a lifetime. Create unforgettable live moments and be there as the following artists give you a wonderful live evening.

Tom Jones returns to the German stages in 2022 with his European tour “Surrounded By Time”.

July 28 / Cologne

Tickets for Tom Jones

The Pixies will come to Germany in summer 2022 and will also perform their legendary songs at an open-air concert in Cologne.

July 30 / Cologne

Pixie tickets

Contest: The BossHoss Secret Show tickets and participation in the Berlin 2022 tour rehearsal

The BossHoss is back and visiting us in good NRW with a live concert!

August 7 / Bonn

Tickets for The BossHoss

Snow Patrol 2022

In July and August 2022, SNOW PATROL will play three exclusive, chamber acoustic concerts in much smaller than usual concert halls.

August 9 / Düsseldorf

Snow Patrol tickets

Rea Garvey’s Big Outdoor Tour in Summer 2022 is still taking shape! He will also visit us in Essen in 2022.

August 12 / Essen

Rea Garvey tickets

Jxdn Germany has new dates set for 2022: in August and September, the American rising star will stop for four shows. He also visits us in Cologne.

August 15 / Cologne

jxdn tickets

Noah Cyrus, the youngest member of the Cyrus family, will release his debut album “The Hardest Part” in July! Then you can also experience them live in Cologne.

August 16 / Cologne

Tickets for Noah Cyrus

Meute can also be seen live in Cologne in the summer of 2022.

August 24 / Cologne

Tickets for MEUTE

The Deichkind will come to Bonn live on Saturday 27 August 2022 and play one of their crazy concerts at the Hofgartenwiese!

August 27 / Bonn

Tickets for Deichkind

Robbie Williams Bonn 2020 concert

Robbie Williams will come live in Bonn in 2022 for an exclusive concert in Germany!

August 30 / Bonn

Robbie Williams tickets

Comedy, theater and other events in NRW this summer

In addition to great concerts and family events, we also want to have something to laugh about on hot summer days, and there should be plenty of entertainment. Enclosed is an overview of upcoming comedy shows, musicals and theaters not to be missed in NRW in summer 2022.

After a break in Corona, the cabaret performers will return in 2022 with a live band. They promise three days of open air in July, which will be special.

July 15-17 / Dortmund

Tickets for the evening of vultures

When coolness, lifestyle, picnics and top-class dynamic polo shirts meet in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s time for a polo picnic in Münster again!

July 30 and 31 / Munster

polo tickets

There will also be poetry slams in the summer of 2022 in NRW. Be there!

August 3 / Dortmund

Tickets for a poetry tournament

Gossip on the Stairs – Ohnsorg Theater’s most successful performance of all time – is now being screened in a new production at the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf starring Heidi Mahler and Peter Millowitsch.

July 21 – August 7 / Dusseldorf

tickets for events

The schedule for the 2022 season is now set and viewers can look forward to high-end football at the Südstadion in Cologne.

August 13 and 27 / Cologne

tickets for events

Markus Krebs will go on tour in Germany with his new show “Comedy, everyone by me?” from the summer of 2022.

August 30 / Cologne

Tickets for Markus Krebs

Rhein Fire is back and will do its best to shake up the European Football League (ELF).

24.07, 21.08. & 04.09 / Duisburg

tickets for events

Fancy a little trip to Kassel? Documenta is one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary art. documenta fifteen will be held in Kassel from 18 June to 25 September 2022.

06/18 – 25/09. / Kassel

document tickets

STARLIGHT EXPRESS - a musical for the whole family

STARLIGHT EXPRESS is finally picking up speed again in Bochum and always welcomes you in the summer of 2022 to Bochum.


Tickets for Starlight Express

Are you fed up and wondering what else there is to discover beyond the borders of NRW? Then take a look at our two blogs for some exciting blogs Summer parties in Berlin and Hamburg end. Perhaps another city tour is just around the corner and you still need last minute tips to spend your time there. Get inspired.

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