Pumps for hydrogen management

Pumps for hydrogen management

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Hydrogen Moves Achaema – But Who Moves Hydrogen? For example, the KNF offers pumping solutions for light gas with gas and liquid pumps. In addition, there is a new diaphragm pump for gas recovery and emission protection under ATEX conditions.

The new N 680.1.2 Ex combines the safety of an explosion-proof diaphragm pump with the reliability known from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

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The downstream industry uses gases in many different ways. The use of flammable gases and processing in potentially explosive atmospheres require compliance with ATEX guidelines. With the new pump N 680.1.2 Ex, KNF introduces a chemically resistant pump for use in gas recovery. Due to its reliability and low maintenance requirements, the oil-free pump is also recommended for tasks in stationary systems to protect against emissions. With a capacity of 220 l / min and an absolute vacuum of 150 mbar. it is a powerful Ex pump for important tasks in the process industry.

Diaphragm pumps for the hydrogen economy

With the publication of national as well as pan-European hydrogen strategies, important foundations were laid for the development of the hydrogen economy. From a global perspective, many of these strategies agree on the desired industrial decarbonisation. Projects around the world work on the structure and design of the value chain. In particular, this includes the steps of hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution, hydrogen utilization, and of course the associated research.


Thanks to its worldwide presence, the KNF has been a sought-after partner for many years in the field of solutions for various hydrogen-related tasks, such as the use of fuel cells as a drive solution for forklifts and trucks. Due to the dynamics of increasing the efficiency of steam reformers and electrolysis applications, gas and liquid pumps from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority are also needed here.


This Hydrogen Forum from 26 to 27 September 2022 is a platform for hydrogen technologies and solutions from an industrial perspective: manufacturing, transportation, storage and use are the subject of hands-on lectures and workshops. Best practices, concrete solutions and technological achievements are waiting for you, thanks to which you can already prepare for the hydrogen infrastructure of the future!

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Reliability and robustness of the pumps are critical when handling biogas, hydrogen and methanol. The principle of operation of the pumping solutions is ideal for dosing, recirculation and delivery between tanks to support the smooth operation of the fuel cells. The most common task of diaphragm pumps in the production of chimneys is a leak test. Achema: Hall 11.1 / Stand E85

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