Students open stores in the center of Bremerhaven

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With ice cream rolls, yoghurt and hemp products on empty shop windows

Students open stores in the center of Bremerhaven

Free space as far as the eye can see: Like many other German suburbs, Bremerhaven stores also suffer from online trading. Three student start-ups from the Founding, Innovation, Management (GIF) course at the University of Bremerhaven want to revive one of the gloomy corners. For now, until February 2023, they will offer their products every day from 10:00 to 19:00 in the so-called

The shops are located in the Columbus Shopping Center in the very center of Bremerhaven. Since the closure of the Karstadt branch, the entire passage, which also serves as a passage to the “Havenwelten” with its sights, is empty. Demolition of part of the building is planned. Until then, the stores will breathe new life. Three of them are university students who want to sell their own products there, probably from July 16. “This is a great opportunity for students to test their business ideas directly on the market with potential clients. At the same time, they contribute to the revitalization of the city center “- says the course leader, prof. dr. Michael Vogel.

Students Moritz Rausch and Dominik Hoppe open a special ice cream shop with “N’ice”. Instead of colorful balls in waffles, they sell ice cream rolls that are intricately decorated with fruit and other toppings. This trend emerged in the west from Asia a few years ago, but on but in Bremerhaven you can’t buy ice cream rolls. “Ice cream is spread thinly on cold metal plates and rolled into rolls with a spatula. Our customers then have the choice between different toppings. We also sell sweets from all over the world that cannot be found in a supermarket,” he explains. Moritz Rausch.

They should be tasty and healthy, products from “Jippie Yoghurt”. Lisa Wittich, Lara Berghahn, Jonas Volmer and Lisa Sitova sell their own yoghurt creations. “With a variety of healthy and sweet additions, everyone can compose their own bowl depending on their mood. Vegan alternatives are also possible, ”says Lisa Wittich. In this way, students offer an alternative to the classic breakfast rolls in the morning. If you are looking for a sweet dessert, you will also find it: in addition to fruit, biscuits are also offered as side dishes.

Nils Gorlikowsky, Paul Steinmeyer and Manuel Sellner serve completely different areas of business with their House of Hemp. They sell hemp products that are non-intoxicating. “Our products do not contain THC, which causes intoxication, but cannabidiol or CBD for short. This ingredient is very relaxing. Our products include flowers and hemp oil, says Manuel Sellner. In addition to the store in the Karstadt arcade, the founders want to offer a delivery service and deliver products by electric bike to customers’ homes on a daily basis.

The course in Creation, Innovation and Leadership is based on a teaching concept that is unique in the German-speaking world. Instead of spending a large part of their studies in courses and applying only what they learned in the practical semester or in project work, GIF students learn in their own company. They are supported by team trainers who promote self-study, work, communication and learning processes in the team and the dynamics of the course as a whole. “Coaching is an interactive, goal-oriented and solution-oriented consulting process. Coaches do not provide any solutions or answers, but encourage, for example, to question goals or assumptions, look for new solutions or use specific methods. However, the coaches do not release the teams from any responsibility. Instead, they help them design their studies in a way that suits their goals and interests, ”explains Prof. Vogel. This does not mean that students do not need to take any diploma examinations. They also have tips on what topics they are dealing with. They also sign a study contract with their trainers each semester, which defines what they want to read, learn, do and achieve.

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