The Celsius network initiates financial restructuring to stabilize the business and maximize value for all stakeholders

The company submits a voluntary application for protection under Chapter 11

There is ample liquidity and $ 167 million in cash to support the operation

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The Celsius Network (“Celsius” or “Company”) today announced that it has voluntarily submitted a Chapter 11 application to allow the Company to continue operating and undergo comprehensive restructuring that maximizes value for all stakeholders. To implement the reorganization, the Company and some of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary reorganization requests under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code in the US Bankruptcy Court for the New York Southern District (the “Court”).

Members of the Select Committee of the Board of Directors commented: “Today’s notification follows a difficult but necessary decision by Celsius last month to suspend payouts, swaps and remittances on his platform to stabilize business and protect customers. Without this suspension, accelerating payouts would allow some clients – those who acted first – to receive the full payout, while others would have to wait for the firm to understand the value of illiquid or long-term assets to receive a return. ”

It’s the right decision for our community and our company, ”said Alex Mashinsky, Celsius Co-Founder and CEO. “We have a strong and experienced team to guide Celsius through this process. Looking back, I am sure we will recognize this as a key moment in the history of Celsius, a moment where decisive action with confidence served the community and strengthened the company’s future. ”

Celsius will continue its activities

Celsius has $ 167 million in cash, which provides sufficient liquidity to support some operations during the restructuring process.

To ensure a smooth transition to Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, Celsius filed a number of standard applications with the court to allow the company to continue its normal business. These “day one” requests include demands to pay employees and continue their services without interruption, which the Company expects to be approved by the court. Celsius, this time, is not trying to make withdrawals possible by customers. Customer claims are dealt with in accordance with Chapter 11 of Disputes.

New directors provide additional leadership skills and know-how

David Barse is the founder and CEO of XOUT Capital, an index company, and DMB Holdings, a private family office. Barse previously served for 25 years as CEO of Third Avenue Management, a pioneer of bottom-up fundamental investment in deep-value and distressed investment sectors.

Alan Carr is an investment professional with over 25 years of experience in building businesses, conducting complex restructurings, and protecting and creating stakeholder value. Carr is the founder and managing member of Drivetrain, LLC, a professional trust service company.


Kirkland & Ellis LLP acts as solicitor, Centerview Partners as financial advisor and Alvarez & Marsal as restructuring advisor to Celsius.

Additional information on the restructuring process

Additional information on filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, including court papers, is available at Interested parties with questions may contact Stretto, the Company’s Claims Agent, at +1 (855) 423-1530 (USA) or +1 (949) 669-5873 (International) or by email to celsiusinquiries @ stretto. com.

About degrees Celsius

Celsius is based on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interest of customers and the community. Celsius is a blockchain-based platform where membership provides access to specialized financial services not available through traditional financial institutions. Visit for more information.

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