The new SKATE will be Free2Play, so you should have fun with the new model

Here you can see a so-called pre-pre-alpha screenshot of the game.

The new edition of the Skate series is back with some unexpected news: the next game is not called Skate 4 as assumed, but simply SKATE – and the reason for this naming is that the title should be with us for many years to come. Thanks to the publisher EA, SKATE makes the leap to the Free2Play model and cross-platform playability and progression. In the future, you should also be able to skate on mobile devices, although the development of this platform is still in an early stage.

We’ll tell you what the creators announced in the new movie and what they also told us in an interview.

SKATE as a live service game

The new SKATE will be completely different than many fans probably expected and the Full Circle development team is aware that Free2Play’s approach upfront will cause some concern for some players. To counter this, the team wants to be transparent and explains: Of course there will be real money offers, but they should be mostly cosmetic in nature.

Pay2Win shouldn’t be there, and they also want to do without loot boxes. In addition, all areas of the new city should be freely accessible, without the need for players to spend money.

Here you can watch the full movie where the developers talk about what’s new:

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We wanted to know what we can buy in the store with real money. Creative Director Deran Chung explains:

There are no things to buy that will make you a better skateboarder. It’s more about what you wear. There are boards, so there are decks and so on, shoes.

Creative Director Cuz Parry adds that items that can be bought for real money often still have practical use, even if they don’t provide a direct advantage in gameplay. He gives larger ramps as an example. In the new city of San Vansterdam, there will be areas where we will be able to jointly design our own skateboarding spots. Regarding the additional items offered for this purpose, Chung explains:

When it comes to these things you are never limited like oh I have to buy it. I need this item. It’s more about different versions, a different variant of ramps or obstacles or objects that you don’t necessarily need.

season pass? Both of them cannot yet answer exactly what the live service will look like, such as with the season pass. Various models are currently being discussed.

What can we expect in the new SKATE?

As previously mentioned, the name of the new city is San Vansterdam and Parry describes it as the “sister city” of fan favorite San Vanelona. Chung describes:

There is a certain level of familiarity and a level of freshness.

For these two developers, the main game-changing element in this new skateboarding metropolis is the multiplayer element. This should provide players with the opportunity to discover something new on each tour, as other fans build their own pieces, for example, or come together to experiment with them.

This screenshot is a good one to see that development is likely to take a little longer.

This screenshot is a good one to see that development is likely to take a little longer.

We wanted to know if SKATE is deviating from the simulator concept in this process and has a more arcade approach than its predecessors. Parry explains that for him one of the main aspects of the series has always been that the games don’t tell us how to skate. He had never seen Skate as a pure Sim. This is what the new SKATE is all about.

Chung describes:

We offer a very wide selection of play styles. If you want to skate seriously and realistically, you can. If I want to go crazy and take advantage of the greatest elements and wild things, you can do it.

What about the controls? Overall, fans of the series can expect jumping onto the board to feel familiar. The developers told us that the controls should remain basically the same, but should be improved on a few points. For example, it’s about keeping entry barriers low for new players. We should also have more freedom when adjusting the layout.

Also, what the activities and challenges in the game will look like – for example, whether we want to jump from buildings or rather have a super realistic skateboarding competition, should be decided by the community. If you want to have a say right now, you can apply to EA as an SKATE insider for a gameplay test.

Samara Summer

I like the idea of ​​bringing the creative spirit from (real) skateparks to the game because in real life I am a huge fan of the international skateboarding scene. So I will definitely check SKATE when it’s ready. However, there are still many question marks for me. I still can’t imagine what exactly happens when I get on my board.

Will there be enough work to do? Are the tasks varied and fun? First of all, are they also motivating, for example through cool prizes? Or maybe the really cool stuff is only available in the store? Could the fun title also appeal to people who aren’t interested in skating in real life to get enough stuff on the servers? For me, the answers to these questions determine whether SKATE can pick me up or not.

What do you think about the plans for the new SKATE? Will you use the Free2Play model to try it out or are you skeptical about this approach?

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