Wellness is big business in Qatar

From luxury family wellness resorts to ecological farms offering hands-on experiences, Qatar 365 has discovered how wellness is gaining popularity and big business in Qatar.

Zulal – Holistic retreat

In the north of the country, on 280,000 square meters, a holistic approach to health is applied, combining traditional Arabic medicine with therapeutic and stylistic treatments. Zulal CEO Daniele Vastolo says: “Our guests should turn off, forget about everyday problems, to deal with themselves or their children, spouse. They should be investing in their well-being now so that they can reap their rewards when they are old. “

The stay begins with a visit to the consultation room, where a special program is established for each guest. From yoga, to the Turkish bath, to massages or a moment of relaxation in the Himalayan salt room, the Zulal invites guests to experience wellness through treatments and activities. The resort also offers special packages for families and children with the overall goal of providing people with the tools to change their lifestyle and do their own thing in the long run.

Jawaher Alfardan: the importance of slowing down

Jawaher Alfardan is a wellness entrepreneur who has founded some of Qatar’s most popular wellness venues, ranging from vegan coffee shops to yoga studios and a health club. The Niya Yoga Alfardan offers numerous alternative therapies in addition to yoga, exercise, and meditation. Another design is an indoor bicycle space which the entrepreneur says offers a cleansing experience. It explains how the pandemic changed our perception of well-being: “I am a psychologist, eight years ago I worked in a more clinical environment. I noticed with my patients that their lifestyle does not allow them to live consciously. What do people eat? How do they live? but I believe it prompted us to re-evaluate and redefine what health means to each of us, because before the pandemic there was no real understanding of the importance of slowing down? to your body! “

Heenat Salma – body and mind in harmony

Heenat Salma is an organic, organic farm in Al-Shahaniya, on the outskirts of Doha, that encourages visitors to rethink their entire lifestyle – from what you consume to how you move to meditate and being creative. Wellness Head Noor-Virginie Haumont explains the farm’s approach: “We want to offer our guests more peace, quiet practice and access to a unique journey. We offer traditional yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation and sound baths – anything that helps to reconcile the body and mind.”

“Back to basics” is the motto: guests can stay in the tents or gather around the fire to make friends. If you want to concentrate on being physical, you can train your muscles in the fresh air. There are four aromatherapy oils in the farm’s massage tent, all made from organic, locally grown ingredients to help guests get a feel for their surroundings.

The workshop aims to encourage focus and make a significant impact on your sensory well-being, but the change starts from within: “It’s not just about the physical and material qualities of this food, but also how you eat it, you just enjoy the colors, and you also have pure joy on a spiritual level. It’s not just about food, it’s not just about the way you cook, but also about the interpersonal relationships you build to make people happy here “says Ivan Dubkov, director of food and drink.

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