Why are women more likely to suffer from thyroid disease

What is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

Hashimoto what? Admittedly, the name sounds complicated, but it’s just one thing Autoimmune thyroid disease.
They are based on malfunction of the immune system.
Normally your immune system should protect you from all “pests”, but in this case it works against your body and destroys cells and organs in certain areas.

in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis,
or simply Hashimoto’s, the immune system recognizes them Thyroid as foreign
on and forms antibody
against thyroid cells. As a result, the originally healthy thyroid is attacked and slowly destroyed. Stuntness sooner or later leads to one thing Hypothyroidism.

Initially, the disease remains relatively unnoticed this type of thyroiditis without pain
causes. It is only after several years, when it is no longer producing enough hormones and the body is working behind the back, that the disease becomes noticeable.

The course and symptoms of autoimmune disease

First of all: the disease can be expressed differently from person to person. Basically though two forms of Hashimoto’s disease
differentiate: hypertrophic form
as good as atrophic form.
In the hypertrophic form, the thyroid gland may enlarge, while in the atrophic form, it disappears over time. In both cases, however, too little thyroid hormone is produced and the disease progresses two phases:

1st phase: hyperthyroidism

First of all, there is an increased release of the thyroid hormone, which leads to: overactive
tips. Metabolism works at full capacity. In this phase, those affected feel: constant anxiety,
they also feel nervous and nervous. After a few weeks, the condition subsides and the thyroid function returns to normal for a short time.

2nd phase: hypothyroidism

Only in the second phase do the symptoms change, and the exact opposite is true. At this point, the thyroid gland can no longer produce enough hormones, which leads to permanent hypothyroidism
tips. The body becomes weaker and weaker due to the lack of thyroid hormones. Also Metabolism slows down.
Affected people often complain about this constipation, fatigue
and apathy.

It is not uncommon for thyroid disease to go hand in hand with confused with depression or burnout
becomes. Affected people are in a bad mood and lose their joy in life. Consequently, the symptoms are often accompanied by: psychotrop medicines
treated until you realize the cause lies in the thyroid gland. But also one unexplained weight gain
and cycle disorders
may be a sign of thyroid dysfunction.

For all hypochondriacs:
Stay away from dr. Google! Do not get disturbed by questionable posts on the Internet, but explain it directly with a specialist. It is important to know that the disease does not manifest itself in the same way for everyone and that the symptoms may be completely different. Many people with Hashimoto’s are even asymptomatic.

Road to diagnosis

The disease usually progresses creeping
and those affected are often unaware that the thyroid gland is defective and that it is responsible for their rather non-specific symptoms. Most of the time it does random diagnosis.
If you have the feeling that something is wrong, then an investigation is certainly not a bad thing. Even if your complaints aren’t “tragic”, listen to your gut feelings and just check it out – it doesn’t hurt!

For example, with Thyroid control
doctor by Palpation of the neck area
identify enlarged thyroid gland or nodular changes. If a sick thyroid is suspected, one ultrasound examination
carried out which also already detect irregularities early
to let.

One change
the thyroid gland can also be measured with blood drawing
define. It’s all about hormones thyrotropin (TSH), triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4),
which provide information about the function of the thyroid gland. A high TSH value with simultaneously low T3 and T4 values ​​may indicate hypothyroidism. Of course, other factors can affect the value as well, so it is important to have a thorough explanation.

Hashimoto: possible triggers

Overall they are causes
for autoimmune diseases not entirely known.
The triggers for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are also still being investigated. Near genetic heritage,
unknown viruses and bacteria or hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty probably
even more durable stress and mental tension
cause disease.

Particularly employed people Women
they often suffer from it. Stress,
professional or private pressure exacerbates the symptoms. Also increased intake iodine
may be associated with an autoimmune disease. It is also not uncommon for Hashimoto’s to be associated with other conditions such as: gluten intolerance
and PCO team,

Is Hashimoto’s a disease of a woman?

Hashimoto’s mainly affects women. Of course, men get sick too, but that’s how it is The percentage of sick women is many times higher.
because it’s a woman hormonal balance.

hormones like estrogen
and prolactin
it dominates the female body and can grow even more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also activate the immune system and thus promote autoimmune diseases.

Treatment options for the thyroid gland

The disease is there very treatable.
Of course:
Of course, the earlier the diagnosis is made, the better the treatment options. If you have hypothyroidism tablets with
down thyroid hormone
taken to balance thyroid hormone levels.

This doesn’t make the autoimmune disease go away, but thyroid-related diseases can: complaints
and symptoms alleviated
and maybe even inverted. this to take place
usually life,
In addition, constant checks by a specialist are required. However, as already mentioned, those affected are not limited and lead by specially adapted Hormone therapy
almost trouble-free life.

However, if thyroid damage has not yet led to hypothyroidism, therapy is not required.

Does the disease affect other areas of life?

Willingness to have children, pregnancy
and lactation
Problems persist in women with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and medical advice is needed. But:
With the right drugs, nothing stands in the way of sick women and their desire to have children.

Nevertheless, appropriate therapy should be started prior to conception as thyroid levels are crucial for the mental and physical development of a baby, especially during pregnancy. Dangerous
will be if Untreated thyroid problems
stay. This risk for
one miscarriage
is extra raised.

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