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“Everything’s clear again!”: Udo Lindenberg rocked the SAP Arena in Mannheim on Saturday night. 10,500 spectators attend a mega-concert in the city of squares. It was so bad:

Black hat, dark glasses and “crooked nose”, as they would say in Monnem – this is Saturday evening (9 July) the cult rocker Udo Lindenberg will perform at the SAP Arena in Mannheim. So almost everything is the same. After a three-year hiatus in Corona, the singer finally embarks on a major tour in Germany again – and makes his final stop in the city between Neckar and the Rhine:

Last name Udo Lindenberg
Born in May 17, 1946 in Gronau (Westphalia)
parents Gustav Lindenberg, Hermine Lindenberg
hits Okay for Andrea Doria, special train to Pankow, Horizont, Mein Ding and much more.

Mannheim: Udo Lindenberg is giving a concert in front of 10,500 spectators at the SAP Arena

Just four days after the official start of sales, 150,000 tickets have already been sold on Udo Lindenberg’s “UDOPIUM” route. Even after decades, the iconic singer continues to draw people to Germany’s great halls – including in Mannheim: 10,500 visitors are at the start at the SAP Arena on Saturday evening. Just after 8 p.m. Udo’s mega show begins:

The title melody of The Godfather draws the audience’s attention to the stage. After several “fake” Udo disembarking from the plane displayed on the screen called “PANIK 1”, the real Udo Lindenberg is hanging from the ceiling in a space capsule.

“Difficult times like pigs”: Udo Lindenberg at a concert in Mannheim about the Corona hiatus

The cult singer opens his gigantic stage spectacle with two hits: “Woddy Woddy Wodka” and “Honky Tonky Show”. The 76-year-old walks around the pitch as usual – his bright green socks are hard to miss.

“Hello Mannheim, thank you for the amazing welcome,” Udo Lindenberg told the audience. The last three years have been a “hard time” for the singer. “It was such a heavy sacrifice, deprivation, yes, it was a cold turkey,” says the cult rocker in his direct and audacious way. But now, finally, a full dose of “Udopium”, which, with the help of the orchestra applied by panic:

Udo Lindenberg: Panik-Rocker convinces with its spectacular scenery in Mannheim

For over two hours, Udo Lindenberg takes the stage with his boyfriends who accompany him from the beginning of his career. Songs such as “Cello”, “Sonderzug nach Pankow” or “Andrea Doria” evoke old memories. But panic rocker also performs new songs such as his current hit “Kompass”. When it comes to set design, Udo Lindenberg tries very hard:

Cellists in elaborate robes float down from the sky, smoking flamingos swirl around the stage, even same-sex nuns and priests are married to each other by Udo’s “panic minister” – a scene that clearly illustrates his attitude towards same-sex marriage. Already in 2019, Udo Lindenberg delighted the audience with his performance on stage at the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

Udo Lindenberg’s concert in Mannheim: This moment gives you goosebumps

The performance of his song “What are wars for?” provides a special goosebump moment: Udo Lindenberg performs the song with the children’s choir “Kids on Stage”, the content of which is now more relevant than ever.

The kids are standing on the stage wearing T-shirts with a printed shield. They sing for peace with all their strength, and the SAP Arena is devoutly silent.

Udo Lindenberg: Additional concert on July 10 in Mannheim

At the end of “What are wars for?” the audience gives a thunderous applause. Overall, Udo Lindenberg knows how to bring his “panic family” with him: on the “UDOPIUM” tour, the singer perfectly balances between seriousness and entertainment. One thing is certain for an exceptional artist: there is still not enough!

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“We’ll see you again in 2046 for a big tour!” He says at his concert. But before that, Udo Lindenberg will give an additional concert at the SAP Arena in Mannheim on Sunday (10 July). Already then, the city located between Neckar and the Rhine will once again become the capital of the “Colorful Republic of Germany”. Let’s hope there won’t be a breakdown here like at the Lindenberg concert in Munich: technology briefly failed there, as reported by Merkur.de. (without)

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