Börse Express – The Kaltenleutgb cement terminal is brought back to life

SILOFT GmbH is planning an exciting project with open spaces for commercial and residential use in a former cement terminal in Kaltenleutmachen.

Vienna / Kaltenleutmachen (OTS) – A lively meeting and exchange place is to be created in close cooperation with the municipality in the coming years. With this project, the four shareholders of SILOFT GmbH want to respond to current social events and make the existing resources as climate-friendly as possible.

“This concrete building from the 1960s has an amazing charm and enormous spatial potential. The existing building should definitely be kept and used in a new form! ” – Agree by representatives of DANUCEM Wien GmbH, a subsidiary of the international building materials group CRH, and the developers of the project. The decision was made not to demolish the old industrial building, but to revitalize it and turn it into a flagship project.

The representatives of the Kaltenleutgb community are sympathetic to the project and offer full support. Mayor Geieregger is pleased: “I see this project as a great opportunity for our community! Now there is someone who will seriously and professionally develop this area! ” The question is what role this area will play in the community in the future. In any case, there is a common goal: “We need to make the residents identify with and be proud of the project.”

On the site of the former cement terminal, lofts for work and living are planned that are as open for use as possible and therefore can be used for many decades and trends. In total, approx. 5,500 m2 of existing space can still be divided relatively freely, depending on the requirements and space requirements. The purist industrial character and spaciousness should be maintained. However, no one needs to do without modern technology and a pleasant room climate, all development and delivery will be renewed. In addition to the existing building, new buildings with a similar concept are being considered – high lofts with a basic size of approx. 100 m2, which can be combined into units of different sizes. The heart and highlight of the project, where public spaces and many operations are planned, is clearly the old concrete building.

The topic of sustainable development is of key importance and underpins many decisions. The project operators are not only thinking about the use of building resources and energy supply. Restriction of car traffic, resource-saving operation and the choice of building materials also play an important role. Like rooms, they should be sturdy, durable and reusable.

“We would like to address institutions, traders, artists, freelancers and private individuals. We think about committed visionaries who are looking for unique rooms in a unique place – explains Gerhard Strasser, responsible for sales in the SILOFT team. Companies that bring the place to life and have a certain sense of sustainability and community are especially welcome. We encourage users to actively shape the project from the very beginning. Create a community where everyone feels comfortable, can contribute and take advantage of synergies.

More information about the project will be available from September 2022. Interested parties can already contact the SILOFT GmbH team, contact details can be found at www.siloft.at

About Siloft GmbH

Siloft GmbH was founded in 2021 with the aim of purchasing and revitalizing the former cement terminal in Kaltenleutmachen. Each of the four shareholders owns 25% of the company’s shares and all are operationally active.

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