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Everyone is striving for success in one way or another. Achieving what you’ve always wanted is a good and rewarding feeling. But nothing comes by itself and is not a coincidence, but above all the result of discipline and focusing on your own goals. In order to achieve this, it is important to be efficient and physically and mentally fit. Because heavy workload and great responsibility costs a lot of energy. It is not possible without physical and mental balance! And that starts with a well-functioning acid-base balance. Our body can only optimally absorb and use nutrients when it is in balance. To achieve this, a valuable recommendation is to take high-quality preparations such as Basica® Energie with the new principle of double action for the metabolism of vital energy. Because only those who have been provided with the necessary energy can give their best professionally and take off from a bird’s eye view.

From a meeting to running shoes, balance at all levels

Real contractors and contractors often want to get the most out of themselves in their daily work. But what can you do to withstand intense and high stress so that stress does not throw you off balance? What’s the most effective way out of an energy collapse? In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, exercise is a key element for greater balance and energy. Whether you are running, cycling or playing football, alone or in a team. The most important thing is to be on the move! Mental stress can be relieved through physical activity. After all, anyone with a lot of responsibility in their daily work and with high goals should also give their mind regular rest periods to calm down. Being active distracts and reduces stress. The interplay of activity and relaxation does the trick! This is the only way to achieve the necessary physical and mental fitness to achieve your goals and get the best out of you.

The basic key to success

Higher, further faster – life in the fast lane! You can only maintain this pace if you are balanced on all levels and have sufficient energy reserves to come back. To stay in top shape even under stress and heavy exertion, an acid-base balance is the key to success. This is our responsibility. If during the day you rush from one meeting to the next and you have plans for the evening, you will quickly run out of time to provide your body with fresh and balanced food. For example, too much protein-rich foods such as meat, sausage, fish, cheese, eggs, and dairy and cereal products on the menu cause acid-base imbalances in the body and need to be balanced with alkaline foods such as fruit, salads, and vegetables. .

However, the ratio of acids to bases in the body determines the biochemical processes taking place in our body and their efficient course. In addition to good nutrition and exercise, innovative base formulas such as Basica® Energie * support our energy metabolism: the new dual-action principle with drinking granules in the first sachet and two capsules in the second sachet combines the experience of a proven recipe with the latest nutritional knowledge. Alkaline drinking granules support a proper acid-base balance with zinc. and creates the best conditions for the functioning of the metabolism. In this way, the energy-relevant nutrients contained in the capsules can be optimally processed. Due to the content of B vitamins, B12, B6, B1, B2, biotin and copper, the capsules contribute to a healthy energy metabolism. In addition, other nutrients in Basica® Energy help the body and mind stay fit.

Through a healthy diet with plenty of fresh produce and a balanced supply of essential minerals and other important substances, we can balance ourselves from within and create a foundation for wellness and energy. Because physical and mental balance makes it easier to focus on the goals you want – a vigorous and successful life in balance. Info:

* Vegan, lactose and gluten free, sugar and color free

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