Helena Fürst: After scandal and throwing out, she puts an end to junk TV

TV news in ticker GALA: Helena Fürst ends reality TV +++ “Wedding at first sight” -Manuela surprises with photo of mother and daughter +++ “Let’s Dance” star Christina Luft confuses fans with this.

2022 TV news in the GALA ticker

July 15, 2022

Helena Fürst retires after Eklat

Helena Fürst, 48, causes a stir. ProSieben’s reality format “The Big Celebrity Penance” has just begun its first scandal. “To protect everyone involved,” production was discontinued, ProSieben informed viewers of “The Big Celebrity Penance” in Episode 2 with an overlay. “For Helena Fürst, the time spent in the camp ended that night.” The former “poor lawyer” had to pack her bags and was ejected from production. Among other things, for one reason: the 48-year-old shouted in the camp: “There is no sleep, there is action!” She shouted at her comrades-in-arms: “Honestly, you can all cross me!”

Helena Fürst did not drop the charges and described her view of the matter in social media. She’s definitely fed up with junk TV. The daughter’s mother pulls the rope and says goodbye to the audience. “Enough discussion, it’s good that few have seen it thanks to football. That’s good. I escape from the eyes of public opinion, writes Helena Fürst on her Facebook profile. Already on July 14, the princess indicated that she is at war with the formats of reality. “I don’t let me get targeted or intimidated, the result is black stripes on the show! How far has this entertainment industry gone? I am no longer interested in participating in such programs. Some people still don’t seem to get it. “

July 14, 2022

“Marriage at first sight”: Manuela surprises with a photo of her mother and daughter

In the popular television coverage experiment “Marriage at First Sight”, Manuel’s candidate found a partner in the form of Ralf. However, their love did not endure everyday life. After the final of this year’s eighth season, they announced their split. The family comes first for the lovable Dortmund resident. With a new Instagram photo of her and her daughter, the TV fame not only surprises her followers, but also shows how proud she is of her baby.

When you realize your youngest daughter is also an adult. Now I have accompanied all my children in their lives as independent adults, “Manuela writes, and finally asks herself:” Please, where was the time? ” The words are a bit melancholic, but her community is only looking at her beautiful daughter Participant of the “Marriage at first sight” competition. Admiring the words “wow”, “super pretty” and “mega picture” is raining. No wonder, because the young woman is a real eye-catcher.

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July 12, 2022

“Let’s Dance” star Christina Luft confuses her fans

32-year-old Christina Luft regularly impresses her fans with her insight into her private life. Be it romantic photos with 27-year-old partner Luca Hänni or anecdotes from her everyday life. Now the dancer of “Let’s Dance” has reported over 270,000 followers that she has sold her car. In her Instagram story, she explains that she has no plans to buy a new one.

Her fans seem to have noticed in the first place that Christina looks a little different in the clips because in the next story slide of the 32-year-old she writes: “I’m not surprised if you write to me, I look weird. [sic]The reason for her previous face is simple: the filter. Now it will be “quickly removed,” as Christina writes of her “unfiltered” photo.

Waitress “First Dates” Mariella surprises with new products for children

The VOX family is growing and one of a kind: “First Dates” waitress Mariella is pregnant! To reveal the baby’s secret to her team, Mariella came up with something unique. “I brought you something nice,” announces the waitress with a colorful box in her hand. 51-year-old chef and show host Roland Trettl is suspicious of the surprise. With his hand outstretched, he opens the box and takes out a small suit. “Are you pregnant or what?” He asks, clearly annoyed. While others are already enthusiastic about Mariella, the chef’s reaction is not what was expected.

When the expectant mother reveals with tears of joy that she has twins, the host is completely embarrassed. “Do you have twins? Oh shit! “He exclaims. As soon as he can finally digest the message, Roland Trettl is also in cloud nine.

Vox shows all online response in the media center to RTL +.

July 11, 2022

“ZDF TV Garden”: Andrea Kiewel causes confusion among viewers

In the last broadcast of the ZDF television garden (July 10, 2022), 57-year-old Andrea Kiewel made questioning faces. The reason was … a meatball. As Kiwi accepted the viewer’s offer to pull out a Tupperware box of meatballs, some viewers were confused in front of the home screens. On the one hand, because the presenter simply stretched out his hand to the stranger, but much more because Kiwi had claimed to TV boss Armin Rossmeier the week before that she did not eat meat.

Andrea Kiewel seemed to have forgotten about it a few days later. “Delicious,” she was delighted with the program and took a bold shot. Needless to say, this was noticed and caused a surprise among Twitter fans. Does Kiwi eat meat? She thought she was a vegetarian, ”asks the user. Andrea Kiewel has not yet solved this mystery.

“Perfect Celebrity Dinner”: Neighbors threaten to call the police because of noise pollution

In the last episode of “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”, a scandal almost broke out: this time, four Majorca stars asked for a table and would ultimately not live up to their reputation if the mood had not boiled down at least once.

On the second night, party girl Ina Colada (36) invites her friends Isi Glück (31), Almklausi (53) and Lorenz Büffel (43) to “Casa Colada”, as he calls his home on the popular Balearic Island.

When Ina and her guests start playing the rattle and the flute, suddenly there’s a knock on the door: neighbors complain about the volume. “They said we should shut up,” explains Isi, a Spanish-speaking neighbor. Ina’s friend tries to settle the matter, but then has to deliver the shocking news to Majorca’s stars: “We now have 15 minutes. In 15 minutes they will receive support from men in uniform. ” For the first time, Isi Glück, Almklausi, Lorenz Büffel become very serious, the mood after this incident is at least bad. But Ina remains calm and still cares about the dessert for her guests. You don’t need to get excited either. Fortunately, the police action that was threatened by the neighbors did not take place.

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