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Breminale 2022 attracts with a rich music offer. But which group is really worthwhile at the Osterdeich Festival? Overview.

Bremen – After the Hurricane Festival is ahead of Breminale 2022. An unwritten law that is in effect again this year despite the crown pandemic and the rampant omicron BA.5. From Wednesday, July 13 to Sunday, July 17, Breminale 2022 invites you for five days for a rich cultural offer. Most of all, music is in the foreground. But which artists and bands shouldn’t be missed at Breminale 2022, who is considered an insider tip that could still make it big?

Breminale 2022: Insiders’ tips and highlights at the Osterdeich Festival

Thanks to Breminale 2022, cultural life in Bremen can come to a certain extent. The first Breminale took place in 1987, and since then the Osterdeich festival has grown steadily. A wide range of dishes, a colorful mix of various types and all kinds of entertainment for young and old have been a standard for a long time.

With heart and soul: bands such as Isolation Berlin and Mülheim Asozial want to warm up the visitors of Breminale 2022. © Ulla Heyne / Votos-Roland Owsnitzki / Carsten Thesing / imago / Montage

Nothing should and will change at Breminale 2022. Some concerts start at noon, sometimes you can sing, dance and generally enjoy your time in Osterdei until late at night. With all files, it’s not always that easy to keep track of. Sometimes the artists overlap, sometimes only the name is known. To help you with your decision-making process, reads the Breminale 2022 Essentials and Insider Tips.

Breminale 2022: 24/7 Diva Heaven inspires with punk rock – and as Beatsteaks opening performance

At Breminal 2022, punk will remain furious, wild, untamed – and above all, feminine. 24/7 Diva Heaven is a female trio from Berlin that deals with themes such as feminism, social inequality, homophobia and racism in their own way and presents them on the stages of the country.

The Beatsteaks noticed this as well and took part in the Diva Heaven 24/7 tour as their opening performance. Strong in opinion and rich in decibels, this trio is not fooled – and sometimes causes “stress”, as their debut album 24/7 Diva Heaven is called. Based on the 1990s riot girl movement, three women in the capital combine the best of both worlds: glitter and glamor here, grunge and scream there. Also at Breminal 2022 where some changes are taking place.

Breminale 2022: Günther wants to “touch” the Osterdei audience with a wild mixture

Das Günther is somewhere between electro, free jazz and punk. The Hanover Quartet will also present its unconventional sound at Breminale 2022, where, as you know, there are no blinders to the genre. With acoustic instruments and many electronic influences, Günther travels around Germany to show: In a complex, dense world, there is still an escape from reality.

Sometimes a columnist attributes an even healing, even therapeutic effect to the concerts of Das Günther. This is definitely possible also at Breminale 2022. Katharsis through concerts at Osterdeich is always welcome. Finally, Das Günther has his claim to “touch” the audience in a lasting way.

Breminale 2022: Isolation Berlin brings great feelings to life – and Nina Hagen

Isolation Berlin will reveal its “secret” at Breminale 2022. However, the title of their third solo album is somewhat misleading. After all, nothing is hidden here, feelings like love, hate and disappointment are at the center of the rock sound borrowed from New Wave and Post-Punk. But also football and Nina Hagen.

Anyone who likes Einsturzende Neubauten should certainly not miss Isolation Berlin at Breminale 2022. After all, four people from the capital are so eager to experiment that virtually no genre wish remains unfulfilled. Osterdeich as part of Breminale is always fit for this. The police will inform you in advance about closures and pickpockets in the Breminale 2022 area.

Breminale 2022: When and where the highlights and tips for Osterdei take place

  • GuntherThursday July 14, 2022 from 19:00 to 20:00 on Pappinale
  • Mülheim antisocialFriday Jul 15, 2022 from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at high tide
  • 24/7 heaven diva?Friday Jul 15, 2022 from 22:30 to 23:30 during high tide
  • team shitFriday Jul 15, 2022 from 00:00 to 01:00 at high tide
  • TightlySaturday July 16, 2022 from 21:00 to 22:00 on three-meter boards
  • Berlin insulationSaturday July 16, 2022 from 23:30 to 01:00 at high tide
  • (Short term cancellations by individual bands / artists or schedule changes are always possible)

Breminale 2022: Pogo, Quarrel and “Beer Against Germany” from Mülheim Asocial

Mülheim Asozial will appear at Breminale 2022 with a guarantee of adventurism and pogo. The quartet delivers punk in its purest essence and shows what musical aspects Cologne has to offer. When Mülheim Asozial arrives at Breminale 2022, there is a serious danger of getting caught in the ears.

Sour singing and the charming, not-so-serious chav factor do the rest to have a good evening in Breminala. “Beer against Germany” or “Sound of the road” are just two resonant titles that want to lose their singing potential at the Osterdeich. It should be more than possible.

Breminale 2022: Team Scheisse brings punk back to life – and above all else

Punk also offers full range of Scheisse to the audience at Breminale 2022. It is difficult to express in words what is happening with songs such as “Erfurt”, “Frank” or “Karstadtdetektiv”. After all, the sound of four punk rockers is actually so absurd that this show is best celebrated live on Osterdeich.

The meme punk of the band Scheisse, as the name suggests, doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Explosive jumping, maybe even mosh pitting – no problem here. If you treat Team Scheisse as a punk satire that is not absurd, nothing prevents you from having a great time at Breminal 2022.

Breminale 2022: From the neighborhood to Osterdeich – Tightill with a real game at home

For Tightill, the performance at Breminale 2022, which starts on July 13 at 18:00 CET, is a home game. No ifs or buts. Growing up in the Bremen neighborhood, Tightill’s heavily subcultural life is reflected in his music. Graffiti, skateboarding, punk, rock or rap – the texts of a member of “Erotik Toy Records” are often a small journey through youth in a Hanseatic city.

If the overall sound of the playlist based on a well-known formula is too conservative for you, you should feel comfortable with Tightill’s performance at Breminale 2022. A pleasant alternative to current music events without looking outdated invites you to spend a good time in Osterdeich. Breminale, it’s nice to have you back!

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