Lego Masters 2022: premiere, airing dates and airtime

Lego Masters 2022 enters the fourth round. Find out all about the start, broadcasting dates and airtime of Season 4 here.

Lego has long been a staple in the country’s playrooms. But now mostly those who grew up with Lego are adults. But that doesn’t seem to have changed much regarding her fascination with blocks with a clever plug system. How else to explain that a competitive show, in which adults compete to build Lego bricks, gets so much viewership every year that there are more and more seasons?

Also this year is the continuation of “Lego Masters” for young (and of course older). We’ll tell you when this year’s season starts, when the airing dates are, and when you can curl up in front of the TV if you want to watch the program.

Lego Masters 2022: Season 4 begins

Format fans have to wait a whole year for the return of “Lego Masters”. This year, at least, the wait is over. Lego Contest Season 4 begins this year, slightly earlier than before, on August 12. New episodes will be released once a week.


Season 4: 2022 “Lego Masters” airing dates

Lego Masters 2022 will re-air every week. There will be six episodes in total, with three airing dates RTL already officially confirmed. Here is an overview of the dates:

  • Episode 1: Friday August 12, 2022
  • Episode 2: Friday August 19, 2022
  • Episode 3: Friday August 26, 2022
  • Episode 4: Friday September 2, 2022
  • Episode 5: Friday September 9, 2022
  • Episode 6: Friday September 16, 2022

If there are changes to the program or the show is paused for a week, we will adjust the review.

Airtime “Lego Masters” 2022

It is an accepted fact that you no longer have to wait until you have kids to play with Lego again as an adult. How common is the desire to build and how strong the fascination with blocks really is, has only been seen in recent years. Because it was not foreseeable that shows like Lego Masters 2022 would find a large audience among adults.

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This is also reflected in the airing of “Lego Masters” in 2022, as the show will air at 8:15 pm on all dates this year. Since all the dates are on Friday, which is school day, this clearly indicates that the program is mainly watched by adults. Because young children, the actual target audience for toy blocks, are in bed at least halfway through the show.

Moderator “Lego Masters“2022

The building spectacle will be presented to the viewers again by the presenter of “Lego Masters” 2022 Daniel Hartwich. This RTL-the veteran has accompanied viewers in the competition between Lego designers in the past. Once again, he tells the rest of the team at the end of the show that they have won the Lego Masters trophy.

Brickmaster René Hoffmeister in “Lego Masters“2022

As in previous years, different teams compete in individual episodes. At the end of the show, Lego Design Director Elisabeth Kahl-Backes and proven Lego expert Brickmaster René Hoffmeister decide which team will be eliminated. Thanks to the joint expertise made up of the know-how of the Lego design team and the only “Certified LEGO Professional” in Germany, there is no doubt that the jury’s decision was right.

Lego Masters2022: These are the candidates

Every year, new teams compete in Lego Masters 2022 to prove their skills. Candidates are usually completely different. Whether it’s a graphic designer or supermarket manager, young or old, everything is represented. But the candidates and teams of “Lego Masters” 2022 have one thing in common: a passion for Danish bricks. To prove their skills with Lego, they compete as a team of two to return home with the trophy at the end. Here are the candidates:

  • Julia (42) and Anna (37)
  • Luis (19) and Ben (21)
  • Krzysztof (32) and Tomasz (41)
  • Alex (32) and Basti (38)
  • Jörg (55) and Dirk (56)
  • Zipper (59) and Sven (38)
  • Steffen (40) and Maik (42)
  • Nadine (32) i Daniel (33)

Transfer “Lego Masters“2022

Lego Masters 2022 is a must for all families who want to watch the show with their children, as well as for all those who are kids and have never lost their passion for Lego. We’ve gathered for you all “Lego information about broadcasts and replays of” Lego Masters “2022.

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