The “SO_LOS!” Campaign has started: What do the self-employed really get as remuneration for their work? – News from Leipzig

The crown pandemic has revealed many things that are taking a bad turn in Germany. Whether it was precarious employment in the hospitality and hospitality industries, the meager working conditions of nurses and the misallocation of healthcare funds, or the madness of expanding delivery services while retail is on its knees. And the quiet drama (solo) of the self-employed passed almost unnoticed.

Many of them lost their jobs and appearances, but then found themselves confronted with Corona grants that were not at all suited to people who mostly “only” provide creative services. And such an attitude was only a continuation of the contempt for independence and creativity that had been determining political thinking in German offices for years.

Holy grail of permanent employment

Sascha Lobo also referred to this in his column “Spiegel” “The German welfare state depends on permanent jobs”. In which he rightly refers to the double contempt of German policy for the self-employed.

Lobo also gives the reason – it is a pension and insurance system that was completely demolished by neo-liberal “reformers”: “Germany could not afford too many people to work independently. Then the social system, built on corner pensions and social security contributions, would explode completely. Unfortunately, this is the great ideological motivation that makes most of the political declarations about self-employment unbelievable: the German welfare state depends on permanent jobs. “

A system in which permanent government officials are the prime minister and the self-employed experience time and time again that they either pay more or find no security in a broken welfare system.

What do self-employed people get with their orders?

On Wednesday, July 13, the action of the alliance “SO_LOS! Fair Charges Initiative ”.

The central element of the campaign is an online survey, which collects data on the current levels of fees to be achieved on the market. Initially, the initiative was supported by 25 professional associations, interest groups and associations of the self-employed. More fans are in the starting blocks. The initiative was designed and organized by the House of Self-employment (HDS) based in Leipzig.

At the press conference held on the sidelines of the alliance meeting on the occasion of the launch of the campaign, Vesna Glavaski, who is responsible for the concept and implementation of “SO_LOS!”, 25 organizations were involved in the conceptual process and understood the issue of fees for freelancers and self-employed workers as a common political problem “.

Veronika Mirschel from the self-employed department of United Services Union ver.di: “If many colleagues are involved, we create market transparency together and thus we can reduce power asymmetry.”

There is no transparent fee system

Lena Krause, Managing Director of FREO eV: “FREO eV is committed to improving fees for self-employed musicians. For this, we need transparency, knowledge and inter-sectoral solidarity. ‘

Annegret Richter, Managing Director of AG Animationsfilm: “Activities are often so different and so much has to be valued that it is always difficult to compare them. I think it is really good that real projects are asked here where project conditions play a role and it is thus possible to make real comparisons. ‘

Sebastian Haas, member of the board of DOV and one of the speakers at the nationwide conference of music academies: “The hourly wage of a master mechanic is accepted by the society and almost everyone knows about it. The cost of musicians’ working hours is largely unknown and sometimes has to be painstakingly negotiated with customers. This proves an imbalance in social perception. Let’s create transparency! “

Everyone involved in the alliance can be found on the “SO_LOS!” Website.

First results in autumn 2022

The aim of the study is to draw public attention to the issue of fees and social security for the self-employed. Since the Corona pandemic, the social sensitivity to this issue has increased, because the problems of the self-employed in the cultural and creative industries, but also in the catering and service sector did not concern and do not only concern the self-employed. alone, but almost all population groups indirectly. As a customer and / or client, you can contribute to improving the situation of the self-employed in the future.

The anonymous data obtained in this way will give self-employed persons orientation and support in individual fee negotiations. The results of the survey should provide trade associations and interest groups with a solid basis for successfully campaigning for tariff increases and for more aggressive collective bargaining.

The first results are expected to be published in the fall of 2022. They form the basis for further steps in supporting self-employed interest groups in demanding appropriate, industry-related fees for their professional work.

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