Troubleshooting at the beginning of the holiday: Frankfurt airport asks passengers for help from

Frankfurt airport expects up to 200,000 passengers a day at the start of the summer vacation. To tackle massive handling issues, the Fraport operator uses travel assistance.

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Chaos days at Frankfurt airport


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Canceled flights, abandoned suitcases, long waiting times: For weeks, reports of chaos have been reported almost every day at Frankfurt Airport. There is no improvement. In the coming days, the airport expects the largest inflow of passengers since the beginning of the corona crisis.

Up to 200,000 passengers a day are expected to take place on the first holiday weekend in Hessen (July 22-24), operator Fraport announced on Thursday. That’s about 75 percent of the pre-crisis level. Up to 1,250 aircraft with 285 destinations each day take off and land in Frankfurt.

Fraport, Lufthansa and the federal police have made it clear that system failures such as those at London and Amsterdam airports should be avoided at all costs due to increased staff deployment and reduced flight schedules.

Several hundred employees are missing

“We are happy that people are flying again on vacation. However, the dynamic growth of traffic still presents us with serious challenges, ”explained Fraport manager Alexander Laukenmann. We are working on recruiting new employees.

Fraport spokesman Jürgen Harrer has lowered the expectations of hundreds of Turkish temporary workers for whom the federal government has issued special rules. Here you need to take a close look at the qualifications. In fact, Fraport still needs several hundred additional employees despite ongoing recruitment.

Fraport asks passengers for help

As a proposed solution to serious problems, Fraport also provided common travel tips that passengers should follow to speed up check-in:

  • Please check in at least 2.5 hours before departure
  • Pack only essentials for your carry-on baggage and only take one bag per person if possible
  • Pre-sort hand luggage for security checks: smartphones and other electronic devices must be unpacked, straps removed and trouser pockets emptied
  • Keep your ID and travel documents handy
  • Check in online with the airline at home
  • If you are coming by car: reserve a parking space in the multi-storey car park in advance
  • Please schedule a longer waiting time for baggage pickup upon arrival

Suitcases stay where they are

The largest German airport has experienced problems in recent weeks due to a lack of ground handling personnel. Luggage often could not be loaded on time, so according to Fraport, the four-digit item numbers were left behind and had to be handed over.

Due to serious problems with checked baggage, many passengers take as much hand luggage as possible, explained federal police spokesman Reza Ahmari. This in turn leads to longer checks on passengers. Instead of the usual 20 minutes, the waiting time in the upcoming traffic peaks can be up to an hour. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the gate in the security area immediately after check-in.

Lufthansa is canceling nearly 6,000 flights

The high demand for travel after the Corona stagnation apparently took the airport and the airlines by surprise. Managers of the companies admitted mistakes in personnel planning. Passenger numbers are still well below pre-pandemic levels.

In June, 5 million passengers represented the highest monthly number since the Corona outbreak, but at the same time it was still 24.1 percent. less than June 2019. To remedy the situation, Lufthansa has the summer months of July in its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich and Almost 6000 flights canceled in August. According to reports, the largest share of this falls on the Frankfurt airport.

With the appeals, Lufthansa wants the rest of the program to be more reliable. Even cargo flights will be diverted to Munich by the end of July as there are no ground staff in Frankfurt. “Every canceled flight hurts. Nobody likes to cancel flights, including us, ”spokesman Martin Leutke said on Thursday. The airline primarily canceled short flights within Germany and to neighboring countries, and instead is increasingly sending customers by train on short-haul routes. Almost all holiday flights have been kept, promised Leutke. “Mykonos or Crete will not be removed.”

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