A milestone for horror fans: the shocking cannibal that has even been banned (!) In many countries is no longer indexed and confiscated – Kino News

It used to be only released in German cinemas in abbreviated form, was released on VHS in a disarmed version, and was itself indexed in a stripped-down version. It was even confiscated later. Now, surprisingly, Zombies Among Cannibals has been rehabilitated.


There are genres or certain categories of movies that have always had and still have particularly difficult times with power. In addition to the hits about rape and revenge, which regularly call on the moral guards to act with both their vigilant approach and mostly explicit torture scenes, for example, controversial cannibal films from the 1970s and 1980s have largely been subjected to censorship. If indexing and even confiscation have been abolished, it is something other than, for example, hilarious action vampires (“Blade”) or harmless martial arts classics (“Once Upon A Time In China”). So, today we have not only good news to announce, but also special news that should please many horror fans: Zombies Among Cannibals (1980) is no longer confiscated or indexed.

The cannibal shocker from Italy, which was once banned in many countries, only appeared in abbreviated form in German cinemas, and later also appeared in a disarmed version on VHS – and even that hit the index in 1982. Later, various publications appeared that were eventually even confiscated. Over time, Germany saw only a series of officially trimmed ratings, including the 18-DVDs classified as “youth free”, which was ten minutes (!) Short.

In Austria, where there is no such thing as an index, numerous strictly limited German-language editions of uncut versions have already appeared in recent years (mainly in various media books), deletion from the list now allows an official assessment of the German home theater “Zombie among cannibals”. Nameless Media should only deal with those distributors who were now responsible for the rehabilitation of the film via Facebook announced.

So far, however, there are no official details on the new release on DVD and Blu-ray, and the movie does not yet have an FSK rating. However, we are sure that the official announcement will only be a matter of time. That’s why we advise cannibalistic movie fans and media book collectors to put aside enough edits as a precautionary measure. In any case, the gossip mill on the Internet is already getting ready and releasing the first information about the possible premiere of the film in 4K …

These are zombies among the cannibals

Also known internationally as “Zombi Holocaust” “Doctor Butcher MD:” The well-known “Zombies Among Cannibals” by director Marino Girolami is one of the most famous representatives of the latter, next to “Mondo Cannibale” (1972), “Naked Among Cannibals” (1980), “Eaten Alive” (1980) and “Naked and Torn Up” (1980) – a category of exploitation films that once produced many controversial classics in a very short space of time, most of which have still been shocking for over four decades. The fact that US home theater distributor Severin Films added vomit bags to the first 5,000 copies of Blu-ray Deluxe Edition in 2016 in 2016 doesn’t come out of nowhere.

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And that’s what Zombies Among Cannibals is all about: As more body parts and even organs are lost in a New York City hospital, suspicion quickly falls on a Southeast Asian nurse – before she suddenly and mysteriously dies. Before he died, he left his colleague Lori (Alexandra Delli Colli) a clue that could shed some light on things. The answers to strange events are said to be on the Tongan island of Kito.

When incidents similar to those in New York eventually happen in other cities, a task force led by Dr. Peter Chandler (Ian McCulloch) sets out to take a closer look at the island. However, shortly after their arrival, Chandler and Co. encounter a beastly tribe of cannibals from which they are barely escaping – but this is just the beginning …

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