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The wait is finally over. After two years of mandatory hiatus in Corona, pop star Andrea Berg was able to celebrate her “home game” again with 15,000 fans at her concert at the stadium in Aspach.

Home Match 2022: concert sold out to 15,000 fans

Lots of sunshine, happy fans and a spectacular scene with a long walkway that stretches right into the middle of the crowd. I had to for a long time Andrea Berg fans to this concert attraction wait to such an extent because of the crown. The joy of about 15,000 at the stadium in Aspach was all the greater because they could finally experience the singer again live on the big stage. “Home game” because the Schlager diva is at home in Baden-Württemberg, not far from Stuttgart. No wonder both live shows, one on Friday and one on Saturday, are sold out. And it’s finally time!

Dancers, gigantic stage, glitter of colors – the home match show was again spectacular in 2022.


Ronnie Zimmerman

A brilliant start by Andreas Berg: a rainbow dress and lots of confetti

At 8:45 PM Andrea Berg climbed the stage wearing a rainbow dress and interpreted her first song “I’d do it again”. Matching: rain of confetti and fireworks on the stage! From then on, not only could the fans be held back – the pop singer was delighted too!

“Welcome to my home! Today we celebrate life!”

Home Game Andrea Berg 2022: Pop singer Andrea Berg in home game 2022 is on stage in a rainbow dress.  (Photo: SWR, Ronny Zimmermann)

Pop singer Andrea Berg welcomes her guests at the beginning of “Home Game 2022” in a rainbow dress.


Ronnie Zimmerman

Andrea Berg: Change of wardrobe and lots of pyrotechnics

Also that evening, the pop singer changed clothes several times for her fans and changed the stage wardrobe four times. Rainbow colors, gold, yellow and lots of glitter: everything was in color! Suitable for the whole performance on stagewhich together with dancers, ensemble and constantly appearing pyrotechnics fire effects how the rising flames provided a colorful change and the fans good party nerve. We danced, laughed and sang loudly! The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful throughout the evening. Andrea Berg also liked this:

“It is heaven on earth for me today with you!”

Home game 2022: Andrea Berg stands on the stage, microphone in hand, and looks at the audience.  (Photo: SWR, Ronny Zimmermann)

Andrea Berg was clearly pleased to finally be able to welcome so many fans back to his “home game”.


Ronnie Zimmerman

DJ Bobo was there too: Andrea Berg is planning live performances

Also better known as Rene Baumann “DJ Bobo” was there that evening! He not only co-wrote many hits for Andrea Berg – the Swiss singer is now also a good friend of the pop singer and plans her live performances among other things.

Home game Andrea Berg 2022: René Baumann, better known as

René Baumann, better known as “DJ Bobo”, was there that night as well.


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Tears of joy and big fireworks at the end

The best part came in the end: with the songs “You lied to me a thousand times” and “Yes” he said goodbye Andrea Berg after a three-hour concert from her audience – clearly moved, endlessly grateful and with tears of joy, she addressed touching words to her fans:

“We share happiness as well as tears. And if you say, will we continue? Maybe ten more years? Do you know what I’m saying? YES I WILL!”

The grand finale was a great fireworks display where Andrea Berg performed her version “Music was my first love” (Originally John Miles) sang.

Andrea Berg welcomed

Andrea Berg welcomed around 15,000 visitors to the “WirmachenDruck Arena” in Aspach during the “Home Game 2022”.


Ronnie Zimmerman

Second home game, fan festival and ‘Andrea Berg 30 Years’ Show!

But the party isn’t over yet! The home game on Friday was just the beginning for them Andrea Berg Weeks in July: the second home game on Saturday, and the fan festival on Sunday.

On July 29 and 30, 2022, the pop singer will also celebrate with two spectacular outdoor shows – moderated by Giovanni Zarella – with international and national stars live on stage The performance “30 years of Andrea Berg”. All events take place at the “WirmachenDruck Arena” in Aspach.

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