At the University of Wuppertal – blickfeld. a student congress devoted to the circular economy is held

In a circular economy, it will be economy in cycles Understood. True to the motto “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” – that is reuse, reduce and recycle – find resources in circular economy always a new use, so Reduced waste products will be. If there is waste nevertheless, recycling used as a last resort in order to use as much of the waste as possible for other purposes, and thus Ecological damage to stay as low as possible.

“Companies ask, young professionals deliver”

in “Round Insights” job 100 participants more than two and a half days to make companies operate in a circular and sustainable manner. After the approach “Companies ask, young professionals deliver” Innovative ideas for the circular economy are developed and solutions are sought to implement them. In doing so, they form a network committed students and graduates FROM Companies and experts from the region.

Circular Insights Days: Young professionals bring fresh perspectives to regional companies

Down Jochen StiebelManaging director new performance non-profit GmbH, which means: “With Circular Insights Days, new efficiency introduces a format in which regional companies Creativity of young professionals can use. from one fresh look become solutions for circular economy created and suggested ways added value think over ”.

Students and graduates develop solutions for specific “cases”

Near Lectures and one discussion panel by recognized experts on the very first day methodological workshops Including Certificates of participation With Innodrei innovations and organizational consulting offered from Solingen. Day two is entirely devoted “Issues”provided by companies such as Wuppertaler Stadtwerke and Coroplast. Students and graduates are faced with the task: company-specific problems about the circular economy and its implementation in the company and present solutions. Presentations – here “level” the so-called – are the main topic of the third day, on which the expert panel classifies presented approaches to the circular economy. “red”

Find out more about the ‘Circular Insights Days’ student congress at the University of Wuppertal

The event aims to: Students and graduates of all facultiesto one interdisciplinary group of participants greet. Next information as well as the possibility registration can be found at and at Instagram @ circular.insights.

in questions and suggestions it’s a team new performance on 0202 963506-45 or events (at) (please enter) available.

The event is funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.


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