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The seven-day incidence in Schleswig-Holstein is now 679.4 (previous day: 681.3). 3,526 new cases were reported (July 15). Plön County still has the highest incidence – 848.2.

The number of people in Schleswig-Holstein who have been infected with the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic is 901,873. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), approximately 796,300 people in Schleswig-Holstein are believed to have recovered. In connection with the Covid-19 viral disease, according to the current ones Statistics from the state registration office reported seven new deaths. The total number is 2663.

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Since spring 2020, they have been the measure of everything: morbidity values. But that may change now with the new test strategy. still

In some counties, the health authorities are sometimes late in providing their information. Therefore, there are always gaps in the transmission of updated data for the krone, especially on weekends – but experience shows that missing data are reported later in the following days. In addition, experts in the country assume that there are a large number of unreported cases of new infections, as many patients no longer perform the PCR test and therefore do not appear in the statistics.

The corona numbers are not updated on Saturday and Sunday at as too few health authorities report values ​​on weekends. For this reason, the state registration office no longer publishes the current values ​​on Saturdays and Sundays.

The hospitalization rate is 8.69

According to the current data, the hospitalization rate, which plays an important role in the assessment of the coronavirus situation for the health care system, was 8.69 (previous day: 8.00). This value indicates the number of Covid-19 hospitalized cases per 100,000 people reported in the last seven days. This value is usually not updated on weekends and holidays.

Our map shows the incidence of districts in SH. To see the relevant values, roll over the wheels (computer) or touch the appropriate circle (smartphone and tablet).

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) usually updates its data in the morning, but sometimes only in the afternoon – state data is usually released the previous evening. For this reason, the numbers on the map do not always match the numbers in the text.

Due to the reporting delay, RKI values ​​usually do not correspond to the infection process, but are too low. We therefore give an estimate of how high the seven-day incidence rate can be without reporting delay as the second number. This value approaches the actual development of a pandemic. You can see it by clicking on one of the circles. To read more on the maturity figures here.

Three-digit frequency of occurrence in all counties

Plön County still has the highest regional incidence at 848.2 (previous day: 920.7). Behind it is the district of Segeberg with 840.2 (previous day: 787.4) and the city of Lübeck with 779.6 (previous day: 789.3). The Stormarn district has the lowest incidence with 498.0 (previous day: 511.8) and the Dithmarschen district with 558.3 ​​(previous day: 571.0).

Development of corona discharge cases in Schleswig-Holstein

Vaccinations against the coronavirus

Inhabitants of Schleswig-Holstein have been vaccinated against the coronavirus since December 27, 2020. The vaccination rate shows what percentage of northern Germans have already received the first dose of the vaccine.

The situation in clinics in SH

476 people who tested positive for the Corona test are currently treated in national hospitals (-4). 35 patients with Covid (-1) are in intensive care, 14 of them require ventilation (+0).

The map shows the occupancy of intensive care units in northern Germany. The darker the color, the higher the percentage of Covid-19 patients. The map also shows that some intensive care units are already occupied, even without corona discharge cases.

Corona: Infections by districts in SH

What do these numbers say – and what do they not?

State government statistics show how many confirmed corona infections are known to state officials and reported in the intended manner. What statistics cannot clearly show, and certainly not today, is the speed with which the virus spreads. As the number of people who just tested positive usually also includes cases that were reported after a few days. There are delays in the reporting chain, especially on weekends and holidays.

Regional corona data on the infection process

Some administrations publish a regional estimate of the number of kroner, but these are usually not up-to-date. Choice:

Further information

A lab worker holds a rack with various tubes for throat swabs in his hands.  © dpa Photo: Felix Kästle

For a long time, the health authorities gave almost no fresh data on weekends and holidays. Now the country is following in their footsteps. still

Scene in the intensive care unit © picture Alliance / dpa Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth

The value should indicate the number of people suffering from a crown in the hospital. But the Länder are raising the incidence in a different way. still

Vaccinated people in the North © NDR

How many people in northern Germany have had a corona vaccination so far? Current vaccination rate data. still

The virus hovers in front of the crowd (photo montage) © panthermedia, fotolia Photo: Christian Müller

Here you will find videos, information and background information on the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Schleswig-Holstein. still

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