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The second Gardengirls novelty fair will take place on the Lower Rhine, under the name Heidelights, on September 14-15, 2022. Fair visitors can look forward to well-established concepts and new products for 2023, which will be presented to the public for the first time at the fair.


Entitled “Hint 2023” Retailers and specialist garden centers get a first glimpse into new varieties of Gardengirls 2023. The new varieties will be launched on the market in the coming year with attractive concepts. Various advertising media will be available at the beginning of the sale, which will ensure a uniform appearance on the market. Among the new varieties are the new kaluna z The concept of “NEXXT – clear and durable ”. With NEXXT, Gardengirls introduces a new generation of flowering buds that impress with increased brightness and durability. An even stronger set of buds is the basis longevity flower With 3-4 months. Some varieties bloom until January – this is the result of internal testing in 2021. At the novelty fair, visitors can look forward to new red, pink and purple varieties, as well as new white varieties “Coco” and “Milva”. in bright red colors.

this NEXXT classes not only will it be sold as plains in 2023, but also gradually to the popular ones concepts integrated. For example, they will be in the future conglomerations with Smixies, Up Down Girl and Twister. Smixies are a combination of five different colored kaluns (white, yellow, purple, pink and red). As a variant, Garden Girls also offer Smixies as Fluffy Smixies: here Yellow-leaf Calluna has been replaced by the popular Fluffy Heather Velvet. The trio of twisters, on the other hand, consist of three crossed varieties that provide a colorful design. The Up Down Girl concept is a trio of upright leafy and vertically flowering Calluna and a hanging Rasta Calluna in one pot.

These collocations consist partly of Gardengirls callunas which can also be used as plains to create real trend product evolved this way Velvety Heather Fluffy. Its silver leaves are unique among heather plants and are fluffy. Thanks to its soft foliage, the new silver color stands out from other plants and decorations. In addition, Fluffy convinces with a wide range of applications. The cut shoots, which are very suitable for DIY projects, are exceptionally durable and also very suitable for floristry. In Heidelights, you can see Kuschelheide up close. Also different Decorating ideas presented, such as planting in pots and pots, as a woven wreath or a knotted heather ball. The various possible uses and special properties of Fluffy have been communicated in consumer media, both print and online, for a year now. High demand and sales figures show that this heather is an absolute trend product.

They are also successfully established in the market Rasta Girls as good as girls at sunset. Rasta Girls is a series of six different colored kaluns with hanging buds. The beautiful Sunset Girls callunas are characterized by intense leaf colors and already convince with a long shelf life from September to spring. The varieties in orange-red, yellow, green, brown, black and green colors decorate, among others, the fiery Sunset Fire Trio. Sunset Fire combines three beautiful callas, and their color scheme resembles the silhouette of a fire.

A novelty in the assortment are special callas autumn lavender and golden angie. Fall Lavender is a special Calluna that has purple buds and visually resembles a conventional, popular lavender. The autumn lavender convinces above all with its appearance and abundance of flowers and has a strong color effect. Like the fall lavender, Golden Angie also impresses with its unique color: golden yellow leaves and pink buds make Calluna Golden Angie by Gardengirls a real eye-catcher.

In addition to Callunen, Gardengirls also has Ericen in the assortment, which is mainly due to their ecological added value stand out For example, Erica carnea & darleyensis from the first dinner blooms until April, depending on the variety and the offer from the highest nutritional class of bees 4 Insects are the first food source after winter. Varieties of pink, pink, white and bright red color enliven the winter garden. Summer Dinner Daboecia extends the 1st Dinner concept with a summer flowering variant. They bloom in many different colors from June to September, thanks to which they provide bumblebees, bees and other beneficial insects with nectar-rich flowers even in summer.

For sale, Gardengirls stores extensive information on a variety of products PoS material ready. Depending on the concept for the design of the sales stand, you can buy posters, banners, covers for pallets or sheet displays and CC triangles. In addition, sellers can download images of various concepts from and use them for supplements, websites or advertising. There will be a wide selection photos of the surroundings shared. These include photos of models, planting ideas, decorated tables and more. You can obtain login details at Marketing of Gardengirls products is backed by extensive Marketing campaign supports. In the fall, editorials and advertisements reach readers of garden, residential and lifestyle magazines. In the area of ​​social media, users are also informed about Fluffy, Herbstlavender and other popular products via the Gardengirls Instagram feed and bloggers.


this Headlight take place on the premises of Merulin Gartenbauservice (Florastraße 2-6 in 47608 Geldern-Walbeck). On September 14 and 15, 2022 The fair of new products begins at (Garden Girls®)

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