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Nostalgia is the main priority of this year’s Gäuboden folklore festival in Straubing in Lower Bavaria: Bavaria’s second largest folklore festival turns back time to some 8,000 square meters and offers visitors a unique journey back in time into the past of the folklore festival.

Enjoy a ride on an original mountain and valley railway that is more than 80 years old, discover the glass hall of laughter that is more than seventy years old, drive laps on a wooden racetrack like a racing driver in the middle of the last century or on a witch’s swing that is more than 130 years old. Sit back: After a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, the Straubinger Gäubodenvolksfest brings the history of a folk festival back to life this year from 12 to 22 August.

A cozy, cordial “adventure travel through time”

The historic area of ​​8,000 square meters with its nostalgic tent, carousels and culinary delights from the good old days evoke memories and delight young and old, being an integral part of the Straubing mega-event in the history of the folk festival.

From “Ride to Paradise” to “Monte Carlo Rally”

The witch’s swing, with a folklore history dating back more than 130 years to 1894, does not require seat belts or raids: the bench on which the guests of the swing sit moves only minimally. However, the walls and ceiling around the visitors continue to rotate. This creates the impression that passengers will sway and even fall over.

The rides offer many opportunities to immerse yourself in the past, such as a “ride to paradise” on a beautifully restored 1939 roller coaster or a ride on the nostalgic horse carousel “Schleifer Carousel”. Visitors will also get the unique racing feeling when they are riding the “Rallye Monte Carlo”: fast-paced fun with fast karts on a 150-meter-long wooden race track.

The “Märchenlandexpress”, the oldest transportable children’s train, will again be rattling on the tracks with real steam this year. The “Fairy” offers a glimpse into the future through reading cards and palmistry in its red carriage with a velvety atmosphere. The “Crystal Palace” and the classic “Jumping Frogs” folk festival are other attractions that this year are steeped in history.

Handmade candies with original accessories

The 1965 “Schifferl-Schießen” is unique: it is the only fully mechanical shooting range in Europe that can demonstrate a sustainable business operation as it does not shoot lamps or the like. At the Zuckerwaren stand, visitors can view hand-made candies using original old equipment and tools. Real showmen rarities, such as nostalgic tractors and showman organs, complete the unique folklore fun as in the “good old days”.

The ox is spinning on the spit

The center of historical folklore fun is the tent “No. 7 “. It is based entirely on the authentic, no-frills style of the past. The ox spins on the spit. The entertainment program mainly consists of brass band music, Gstanzl singing, folk dance and folk cabaret. cozy atmosphere.

Cozy and welcoming – not only in the historic surroundings

Straubing residents say the “Trumpet of Paradise” – a piece of paradise – is their folk festival. What makes Straubinger Gäubodenvolksfest in its atmosphere, mood and attractiveness compared to all other Dulten, fairs and folklore festivals throughout the republic so special and attractive: despite having fun in a tent with a total of more than 27,000 places, adrenaline in mega loops in over a hundred stores Away from the historic area and spectacular entertainment program with more than 80 bands, the Gäuboden Folk Festival has kept its original roots in its 210-year history as a cozy and welcoming traditional festival and as a meeting point for Lower Bavaria.

All information about the attractions in 2022 and the full program at www.gäubodenvolksfest.de.

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