How did Meitlipfadi shape Switzerland?

“So how to lead, that’s what you’ve learned!” Here’s what someone should know: Sibyll Kindlimann (89) of Schwanden GL was the Leitlipfad National Lead early – and is a walking scouting story: part of it from 1944, active at federal level from 1958, federal leader from 1971-1979 and from 1979 to 1983, president of the Swiss Scout Association (BSP). When Meitlipfadi and Bubenpfadi merged in 1987 after five years of difficult negotiations, she was co-chair of the mergers committee. Co-chair, because the committee was chairman of Meitli and one of the Bubenpfadi (Swiss Scout Association). But more on that later.

Goms will soon become a big city

After the initial resistance: Goms will soon become a big city(2:48)

In the conversation, Kindlimann asks quite early if I, the interviewer, was also in Meitlipfadi. I am. “Then we say thank you,” says who in Scouting was also called “Bill” – because of her voice, which was always deep – “not because I smoked, by the way!”

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