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Iva Svoboda, a Sculpture / Metal Graduate in Burg, received an Art Prize of € 2,500 from the Saalesparkasse Foundation in 2022 for her work LASTING TO – FLUID MEMORY, CHILDREN’S AMNESIA AND CALL TO THE ABDOMEN // +380 934295808. In addition to the DAAD award, she received two awards in one evening. In addition, three prizes, each worth 500 euros, were awarded by an expert jury to Jonathan Steffens, Teresa Weißert and Eun-ok Yoon. The Saalesparkasse Foundation Art Prize has been awarded annually since 2007 for an outstanding diploma thesis at the Art Department of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle. The award ceremony was held on Friday evening, July 15, 2022 at Volkspark Halle as a prelude to the annual exhibition 2022.

The works of the winners and other works of 26 graduates of the art faculty can be viewed at Volkspark Halle on July 16 and 17 from 10:00 to 18:00 and from 22 to 24 July and from 29 to 31 July in Widok from 13:00 to 18:00. 19:00.

Artistic Award of the Saalesparkasse Foundation 2022
This year’s artistic prize of the Saalesparkasse Foundation goes to Iva Svoboda, a graduate of the sculpture and metal course under the supervision of prof. Andrei Zaumseil, prof. Rolf Wicker and prof. Ulrich Klieber. LASTING TO – FLUID MEMORY, CHILDREN’S AMNESIA AND CALL TO THE ABDOMEN // +380 934295808. The work of Ivy Svoboda consists of various, also spatially separated parts that belong to each other. On the one hand, the installation and manual revolve around the question of where we come from and what shapes us as individuals from the very beginning. The installation concerns the role that art can play in the search for knowledge buried in us and whether it can function as a language of early childhood experiences.

The installation consists of a large glass bowl filled with brown, dirty water that is propelled slightly up and down by a simple mechanism. The sediments stored in it can thus reach the surface again. The subject tries to provide a simulation that can recall early childhood memories. On the other side, on the wall, there is a telephone number with area code in large spray-painted numbers. When we dial it, the phone will not be answered, but the reality, which is both present and superseded in our daily life, breaks down acoustically in the space we are in. Ivy Svoboda’s work convinced the jury with its clarity and reduction to essentials, precision and consistency with which it was implemented. The artist summed up very briefly and inevitably what drives and moves her.

Born in 1992 in Cheb, Czech Republic, Iva Svoboda first studied at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. In 2014-2019, she studied interior design at the BURG design department. She has been studying sculpture / metal since 2019, graduating in the summer of 2022 with a degree in fine arts.

The jury awards the award Jonathan Steffens for his video work lick the horns.
Steffens deals with the artist’s self-liberation from social and individual limitations and shows the futile struggle for individual and physical freedom. This often difficult and painful process is rendered in a humorous and diagonal manner in the video work. Artistic sequences such as electronic and visual image disturbances are mixed with the use of one’s body as it goes through various phases in its search for identity. In this way, Jonathan Steffens manages to free himself from the expectations and the seriousness of the subject. The masterpiece can be discovered in the Volkspark in the bowling alley.

Jonathan Steffens was born in Berlin in 1990 and completed his training as a media designer for the first time. In 2015 he came to BURG and initially studied book art for three years. After a semester abroad, he moved to prof. Caroline Achaintre to study textiles.

Teresa Weissert receives recognition for a thesis Why weaving makes sense. In Weißert’s work, the peculiar beauty of the asphalt pavement becomes the template for hand-woven carpets. What does the carpet have to do with the street space? Both are the floors where we stand and walk. Brittle images and street compositions leave the public space by the artist and become a pleasantly soft part of a private home. The transfer of these image templates from asphalt to textile carpet through the common function of the floor covering in the use of the material seems as surprising as it is obvious. The jury was impressed by the high-quality workmanship that finds consistent equivalents in the textile weave structures, even for cracked and cracked surfaces.

Teresa Weißert was born in Berlin in 1996 and has been studying textile art at BURG since 2016. In 2020-2021, she spent a year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the drawing class.

The third distinction concerns work characterized by invisibility. Eun-ok Yoon receives for a sculptural work A job that resists ambiguity. The graduate therefore represents a strong and consistent artistic position. Invisible sculptures stand firmly in the ground of time, in the present, creating the ground between the past and the future. Invisibility and emptiness do not mean something is missing, but it is an opportunity for something to appear and be forgotten again. The jury was impressed with the consistency, steadfastness and willingness to take risks with which the artist plans, implements, locates and mentally reflects on her projects.

Eun-ok Yoon was born in South Korea in 1988. In 2007-2011 she studied at Sungshin Women University in Seoul, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in sculpture. From 2015 to 2022 she studied sculpture / metal at BURG.

expert jury

This year’s jury of experts included:

  • Thomas Bauer-Friedrich (Director of the Moritzburg Halle Art Museum)
  • Andrea’s bridle rope (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and professor of plastics / metal at BURG)
  • Susanne Quednau (Saale Savings Bank Foundation)
  • Dr. Krystyna Katarzyna Maja (independent curator, art historian and author)
  • Rolf Wiklina (Professor Basic Art / Plastik at BURG and chairman of the jury)

Annual exhibition 2022
On the weekend of July 16 and 17, 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00, the doors and gates of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle will be opened at all locations for the annual exhibition. In studios, workshops and seminar rooms that have been transformed into exhibition spaces at the university and elsewhere in Halle, students show the results of their work from the last two semesters and provide an insight into a variety of creative processes. Current diploma theses from the art department as well as bachelor’s and master’s theses from the design department will also be presented. Part of this is the graduation exhibition Steadfast. Art Diplomas.
More information at the annual exhibition.

Art prize of the Saalesparkasse Halle foundation

The award ceremony: Friday, July 15, 2022 from 6.00 p.m.

opening hours Steadfast. Art Diplomas: July 16 and 17: 10: 00-18: 00 and July 22-24 July and 29-31. July: from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Halle Public Park, Schleifweg 8a

Entry: Entry is free. Advance registration is not necessary. It is recommended that you wear a mouth and nose protector.

More information about the diploma exhibition:

sponsor: The sponsor of the annual exhibition is Saalesparkasse Halle.


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