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About 29,000 interested people visited the Illerbeuren farm museum in 2021. How work is progressing and progress on the expansion page.

With around 29,000 visitors – around 6,000 more than in the previous year – the Zweckverband Schwäbisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum Illerbeuren achieved a positive result in 2021 despite Corona. “Overall, a very successful year” – summed up the director of the museum, Dr. Bernhard Niethammer at the last meeting. This year, 14,525 visitors have reached Illerbeuren so far, and the Folk Music Day alone has attracted around 1,700 visitors.

Experts from all over Germany look after the Messhofen farm

The farm in Meßhofen is a cause for concern: according to Niethammer, extensive plans are underway for an urgently needed renovation. The required report is complete. Before the renovation phase begins, visitors will be presented with a number of things at an informative ‘trailer exhibition on site’. First, however, a symposium will be consulted with experts from all over Germany who will deal with the construction and discuss questions such as: What damage has occurred and why? How are they to be eliminated? The renovation could then start next year. After work, the house will look a little different. The landscape around it is changing: now a new cultivation terrace is being built here, as was the case earlier on the site. It should also enable visitors to reach that home without barriers.

After a fire in 2020 at the museum: construction work on Sölde completed

The museum director also announced: Sölde Siegertshofen is “structurally complete” and the building is ready for a new permanent exhibition: The aim is to show how the house has changed – also with fire in 2020 as a hanger on the theme “fire on land”. will be more dedicated to residents, and Niethammer hopes the concept will be ready by the end of the year.

At a special open-air exhibition set up in 2021, everything takes place outdoors: the newly acquired open-air type in central Swabia also withstands changing weather. Similarly to the sawmill, there will also be a book from the series “Houses, People, Animals; Plants and Special Topics.

The expansion of the Illerbeuren farm museum is progressing

The new road to the site of expansion is largely ready; It can be reached by stairs near Sölde Siegertshofen or by a longer path along the edge of the slope, which, according to Niethammer, is barrier-free and also accessible for a walker or wheelchair. Planning for a new panoramic trail in a higher area was completed and tenders were awarded. This means that in the second half of the year, the “basic development” of the expansion area on Memminger Strasse may begin.

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Why does a renovated farmhouse in Waalhaupten inspire restorers?

According to the museum director, the new toilet building on the edge of the Mittelschwaben group of buildings is “almost finished”: only the sewer connection is still a little too long due to the overall construction situation. “Unfortunately there is a cost overrun.” The construction of the canal will start at the beginning of August. If all goes smoothly, the toilet building may already be used in the craft days.

In the last few weeks, conservators have resumed work on the farm in Weicht: the building envelope should be ready by the end of the year. Here, “almost 400 years of change – from wood to stone construction” are shown. Next year, Niethammer wants to “devote himself to the exhibition” here.

Niethammer Museum Director: Repairs will be undertaken immediately in the future

The repair of Stadel Nattenhausen was completed after a spring storm: the roof surfaces here had to be “recovered” in a short time, and the edge planks, covered with sheet metal for maintenance reasons, had to be replaced. “Heavily patinated”, a material that is not faithful to the original hardly feels like it, explains Niethammer. He announced a reversal of the previous approach: “In the future, we need to be much more involved in ‘immediate repairs’.

Major changes to the location of the exhibits are also under consideration: a cooperation agreement with the ‘Bavarian State NGO Museum’ is to be examined for this purpose. The Board of Directors will be given more details at the next meeting. According to chartered engineer Christian Mischo, head of Swabia County’s Construction Environment-Energy department, such a resource-saving ‘zero energy warehouse’ that requires no energy at all could cost around six million euros. For this, an “optimal financing of up to 40 percent” would be expected.

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