Weather in Allgäu today (16 July) and 7-day forecast for Kempten, Füssen, Oberstdorf, Kaufbeuren, Memmingen – Current Allgäu news

Midsummer has come to the Allgäu. Before it gets really hot next week, we have a nice weekend trip ahead of us. Our 7-day preview.

FROM The Allgäu newspaper

16/07/2022 | Status: 07:48 a.m.

Weather in Allgäu starts a heat wave. Over 30 degrees are expected in the Allgäu in the coming week. Fortunately, the region is not as hot as other parts of Germany with temperatures around 40 degrees. A cold Friday is ahead of us and a pleasantly warm and not too hot weekend.

Weekend weather: Pleasant temperatures and perfect weather for excursions

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DWD predicts plenty of sunshine for Saturday. Down Alps cumulus clouds can form, but remain dry in the Allgäu. Summer weather with lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures of 22-25 degrees is also described on Sunday – perfect weather for many events in the region, for example the Tänzelfest in Kaufbeuren.

Next week more than 30 degrees in the Allgäu – more than 40 in other parts of Germany

The weather patterns that it should be more than 30 degrees from Saturday are changing again. The heatwave then comes in the region from the beginning of next week: from Tuesday to Thursday the 30-degree mark should be between Oberstdorf to memmingen be broken. According to DWD, violent thunderstorms with heavy rains are possible in the Allgäu at the end of the week.

In other parts of Germany, temperatures should be up to 40 degrees from the beginning of the week. For example, on Tuesday 41 degrees were recorded in Frankfurt am Main and even 42 degrees in Cologne. Federal Health Minister Lauterbach warned of heat in Germany due to the impending heatwave.

In the Allgäu you can cool off by the beautiful lakes or in the outdoor pools – here you will find an overview of the region’s outdoor pools and here the most beautiful bathing lakes in the Allgäu.

7 day forecast: Weather from Memmingen, Kaufbeuren to Kempten and Oberstdorf

What will the weather be like in Oberstdorf, Kempten, Memmingen and others Kaufbeuren in the following days? Here’s the 7-day weather for the Allgäu:

  • Saturday, July 16: 13 hours of sunshine in the Allgäu – and temperatures of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius promise a summer weekend.
  • Sunday, July 17: Contrary to first forecasts, the temperatures on Sunday will not rise to 30 degrees in the Allgäu. During the day it should be even cooler at 24 degrees. There is plenty of sun with 15 hours of sun. Temperature at night should be around 10 degrees.
  • Monday, July 18: The new week then begins in the middle of summer in the region: temperatures rise to 28 degrees.
  • Tuesday: July 19: It will be warmer on Tuesday again and temperatures should exceed 30 degrees. 34 degrees in Füssen, 35 degrees in Memmingen are expected.
  • Wednesday, July 20: Wednesday is warm in the height of summer – temperatures should remain over 30 degrees throughout the Allgäu. At least at night it cools down to 17 degrees.
  • Thursday, July 21: The Allgäu should also break the 30 degree mark on Thursday next week.
  • Friday, July 22: In addition to a few hot weather, Friday will also be dry or hot.

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