Between Sting and Die Toten Hosen: Stuttgart celebrates summer and life – Stuttgart

50,000 fans watched Toten Hosen on Saturday night at the end of the summer Wasen festival. Photo: / Andreas Engelhard

The city is teeming with life – from Wasen with Toten Hosen to the city with Jazz Open. The summer of 2022 in Stuttgart is full of events. The police are also excited about the weekend of big events. Impressions between the after-show party and Sting’s hits.

Then Toten Hosen thanks via Facebook for a “crazy evening” in Wasen. 50,000 fans experienced the “big party” with Campino, so euphoric cheers erupted. In the center: Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir. The masses not only celebrate life on the Neckar – everything is bubbling up in the city cauldron as well. Jazz Open, Fish Market, Summer Cultures Festival, Ballet in the Park, Colors Dance Festival, crowded stairs to Kleiner Schlossplatz, delighted onlookers who do not see Robert Plant, former Led Zeppelin singer, barriers on the lawn behind them, but you can hear well – a city in summer mood resembles a vacation.

Though so many people are out on Saturday night as if it were to catch up on whatever Corona had interrupted, the police rarely have to leave. Everything remains calm. A police spokesman gives one reason: “When all this is happening, everything is mixed up.” In other words, anyone who can cause problems is carried away by great enthusiasm. In overdosing on good humor, the potential for conflict is lost.

The US Ambassador knows John Legend from the university

A high-ranking guest came from Berlin to celebrate the summer of 2022 in Stuttgart: US Ambassador Amy Gutmann will not experience the John Legend concert at the Jazz Open box, but inside on the grandstand, surrounded by security. Only the Ministry of State was informed of the private secret visit. The ambassador was once a professor of politics in the US – one of her students was today’s world star John Legend. Amy Gutmann really wanted to see her only concert in Germany. Then you meet backstage.

Mayor of Culture Fabian Mayer praises the “lightness of the city”

Jazz Open promoter Jürgen Schlensog has every reason to smile. Its diverse program is an artistic gain anyway, but with 44,000 paying visitors (plus 10,000 free scenes) over the course of eleven days, things are also looking good financially for the organizers. Stuttgart, as international artists explain to him, is now in line with the jazz festivals in Montreux and Rotterdam. When the stars go on a European tour, they want to perform in these three biggest cities. The importance of the Stuttgart festival is underlined by TV broadcaster Arte, who recorded or broadcast most of the concerts live on Schlossplatz. The Mayor of Culture Fabian Mayer (CDU), a frequent visitor to the courtyard, is pleased that the Jazz Open radiates far beyond Stuttgart – the city’s advertising benefits from this image enhancement. He also enjoys the “lightness” that has returned to town after a long break in Corona.

What is the personal highlight of the Schlensog promoter at the 28th Jazz Open, which ends on Sunday with a Sting concert, three years postponed, against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery of the New Palace? He says he was especially touched by the arrival of Robert Plant. But he firmly rejects the private ranking: “This is so special about our festival that we have completely different jazz artists and not only (besides that) who cannot be compared with the best will in the world.”

When Robert Plant got an autograph from Van Morrison

Every day Schlensog feels “how much people missed the live experience, how much they enjoyed the concerts.” The summer of 2022 will go down in festival history as the year with the best weather and the best atmosphere despite difficult times. The promoter is delighted with the memory told by 73-year-old Robert Plant. Also on Saturday evening in Ehrenhof will be 76-year-old Van Morrison – exactly the Northern Irish musician for whom Brit Plant inaugurated the performance of his first rock band before Led Zeppelin in the 1960s. At that time, he asked his idol Morrison for an autograph, which he still values ​​today.

Jazz Open after show party at La Commedia

Beautiful stories are told at an after-show party for artists, sponsors and a team of employees on Sunday evening at Ristorante La Commedia. Stefanie Anhalt, who runs the Jazz Open, describes Sting’s pop stars as a gentleman, utterly polite. Englishman in Stuttgart – the fans waited a long time for it. Now everything is sold out! His set list includes his greatest hits – from “Message in a Bottle” at the beginning to “Fragile” for an encore.

Judith Hill, who appears at the Jazz Open for the fourth time on Sunday before Sting (because it was so fun), is celebrating at La Commedia. The 38-year-old artist at the festival residence is on stage with her mother and father. They are both musicians and they both celebrate at a party after the concert. Hill gained worldwide fame when she sang “Heal the World” at Michael Jackson’s memorial service, and later revealed that she was in a relationship with Prince. The American singer enjoys spending time in Stuttgart very much, says: “Stuttgart is the capital of culture.”

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