Economics appeals to Draghi: please stay!

NFollowing the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, many Italian business and professional associations urged the head of government to remain. The frontline ranges from banks to steelmakers as well as construction companies and agriculture. They fear a political and economic blockade in the country that could also threaten billions of transfers from the European Commission from the European reconstruction plan. They are also concerned about the rising number of Covid-19. Politicians must “do everything in their power to protect the country from imminent serious threats,” demanded, for example, the pharmacists’ association Federfarma.

Draghi resigned on Thursday night because the left-wing ruling party, Five Stars, refused to support him. Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to resign. He demanded that Draghi announce himself in parliament on Wednesday. The question of whether Draghi wants to continue is still open. Most of the five-star party did not give up on Sunday.

Will there be new elections?

The prime minister took over the government in February 2021, provided that he was backed by a broad coalition of parties from right to left. The consequence of his resignation is likely to be early elections in early October, which will put the country into new uncertainty. The economy is afraid of this. Support also comes from the ranks of top managers who are otherwise reluctant to express themselves politically, for example from Conad supermarket chain president Francesco Pugliese, as well as from Diego Della Valle of Tod’s shoe manufacturer and Unipol’s head of financial group Carlo Cimbri.

The choir of Draghi’s supporters has been joined by interest groups and associations that have occasionally criticized his policies. Among them are a striking number of representatives of the health sector, such as doctors and nurses, and representatives of thermal baths. Draghi has also earned a lot of respect for successfully running the vaccination campaign last year with the help of General Francesco Figliuolo whom he appointed. “Now we cannot afford a crisis. On behalf of the women and men in the medical and social professions, we make a sincere appeal for unity and responsibility to President Draghi, Health Minister Speranza and all political and social forces. “

Truck drivers, shippers and logistics companies have also made a joint demand from politicians to “act responsibly.” Local employers’ associations from the region of Apulia, Romagna and Lombardy have joined. At national level, the chairman of the Confindustria employers’ union, Carlo Bonomi, previously accused the five-star party of “utter irresponsibility that makes us speechless”.

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