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The situation at Frankfurt airport is tense. Thousands of flights were canceled. Fraport wants to further limit bandwidth. Message bar.

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Update for Sunday July 17 at 11:58 am: The summer vacation in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate has begun. Frankfurt airport is expected to have around 200,000 passengers a day – more than ever since the corona pandemic started. The only question is: will they all really reach their destination?

The airport operator Fraport wants to cut capacity even further, a spokesman said dpa He said. The value, which has already been reduced from 108 to 96 flights per hour, is to be further reduced. Fraport then only plans 88 flights within 60 minutes. According to information from the Reisetopia portal, the application is to be submitted to the air traffic control in Langen within a week from 18 July.

There is still good news for future holidaymakers: Condor, the second largest customer at Frankfurt Airport after Lufthansa, has yet to cancel any flights – and has no plans to do so in the future, according to its own statements.

Fraport wants to further reduce the capacity at Frankfurt airport despite the start of the holiday season in Hesse. (symbol photo) © Boris Roessler / dpa

Chaos at Frankfurt airport: more airlines are reportedly canceling flights

Update from Friday July 15 at 15:40: Frankfurt airport limits its capacity even further. The maximum value for air movements is to be reduced again. The goal is “additional stabilization of air operations,” reported a Fraport spokesman on Friday (15 July). For the first time, non-Lufthansa airlines are also canceling flights or relocating them outside of rush hour.

The “pattern of coordination” has already been reduced from 106 to 96 take-offs and landings per hour. Now the value is to be reduced to 88 lots. This mainly applies to the daily peaks. The summer travel wave is yet to come, according to a Fraport spokesman. However, Frankfurt airport is already close to its limits.

With the exception of Lufthansa, no airline had to cancel flights due to long waiting times. In July and August, there were almost 6,000 of them in Frankfurt and Munich. Most of the short flights via hubs were canceled in agreement with Fraport. A spokesman for Fraport thanked Lufthansa for this “tremendous effort”.

Chaos at Frankfurt airport: But no help from Turkey?

+++ 16:22: Turkey does not want to send workers to German airports to help in a difficult staff situation. This is reported by the Stuttgarter Zeitung and relates to the Turkish Aviation Authority. Originally 2,000 employees from Turkey were to reinforce the airport staff. A derogation has been created specifically for this purpose.

According to the Turkish Aviation Authority, the recruitment attempts are therefore an attempt at sabotage by Germany. This should weaken the Turkish aviation industry. While authorities cannot prohibit part-time workers from working in Germany, recruiting may face “considerable resistance,” reports the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

200,000 passengers a day – only one airport in Europe is less punctual

Update on Thursday, July 14 at 12:00 p.m. ET 12:00 pm: In the coming days, Frankfurt airport expects the largest number of passengers since the onset of the corona crisis. Up to 200,000 passengers are expected a day at the start of holidays in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate and on rush days, operator Fraport announced on Thursday. Up to 1,250 aircraft with 285 destinations take off and land in Frankfurt every day.

Long waiting times are expected at checkouts and security checks. “We are happy that people are going on vacation again. However, the dynamic growth of traffic continues to pose serious challenges for us, ”said Fraport manager Alexander Laukenmann. The airport operator recommends arriving at least two and a half hours before departure. You should also schedule a longer waiting time for baggage claim. It is also advisable to check in online to avoid queues at the counters.

Bearing in mind security checks, it is advisable to read the baggage regulations carefully before starting your journey and follow them carefully, as this avoids longer checks and waiting times. In the past few weeks, there has been a recurrence of dissatisfaction at Frankfurt Airport with long waiting times, lost luggage and baggage transfer requests. The reason for this is the lack of staff.

Don’t miss your flight: you should pay attention to it

  • Please arrive at least 2.5 hours before departure
  • If possible, check in online
  • Pack according to the rules – avoid long baggage checks
  • Allow more time to collect your luggage

Frankfurt airport: Only one airport in Europe is doing worse – Lufthansa cancels more flights

Updated on Thursday, July 14 at 10:01: Things are not going smoothly at Frankfurt Airport. The queues are long, the flights are canceled, the luggage does not arrive. Online travel agency pouring has now published an assessment where the topic of flight delays and cancellations is considered in a pan-European context. Frankfurt cuts badly.

The study, which covers the period July 1 to July 10, states: In total, 68 percent of flights at Frankfurt Airport were delayed. It was worse only in Brussels, where this number was even 72 percent. When it comes to completely canceled flights, the situation at the main airport was even worse compared to the European one: 7.8 percent were canceled. This is, to some extent, the highest – or worst – value in the ranking pouring.

Frankfurt airport: why are the problems so big?

Currently, there are several problems at Frankfurt Airport that lead to delays and cancellations, but also other problems. On the one hand, during the pandemic, there was a massive cutoff at the airport itself, which cannot be filled quickly enough now that passenger numbers are rising again. Airlines like Lufthansa were similar and are now having problems. On the other hand, there are now many sick leaves due to the increased number of coronation cases.

Coupled with the growing number of passengers, the consequence is clear: chaos reigns at Frankfurt Airport.

A large number of trips and a shortage of staff result in the cancellation of individual flights in Frankfurt
Chaos at Frankfurt airport continues. (Iconic Image) © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

Lufthansa cancels more flights: 2,000 flights are affected

First report from Wednesday, July 13 at 14:43: Frankfurt – Air traffic chaos continues: Lufthansa cancels another 2,000 flights at hubs at Frankfurt and Munich airports. It tells you that picture citing a spokesman for the company on Wednesday (July 13).

Lufthansa has already significantly shortened its flight schedule over the past few weeks. Recently, approximately 3,800 connections have been lost. Machines also stopped on asphalt in freight traffic. Now, by the end of August, 2,000 more flights will be added. Currently, there is a shortage of personnel both on the ground and in the air. Suitcases are piling up at Frankfurt airport, and chaos reigns throughout Europe.

Frankfurt airport: flight plan to be stabilized on cancellations

Instead of regular scheduled flights, planes even took off from Frankfurt airport without passengers. According to Lufthansa, the flight schedule should be stabilized. This is also the reason why flights are canceled again.

According to Lufthansa, the system has proven itself over the past few weeks. As school holidays in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate begin next week, particularly busy traffic is expected at Frankfurt Airport.

According picture majority domestic calls. Vacation flights would only be canceled in “absolutely exceptional cases”.

Lufthansa insiders report that airport chaos will only worsen. (esa)

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