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Oberneudorfie. The 32nd annual general meeting of the Buchen / Odenwald section of the German Alpine Association was held in the rural community center in Oberneudorf. Following the 2021 pandemic that prevented the holding of a general meeting of this rank, the main task now, in addition to adopting the annual reports and annual accounts and approving the budget, was to elect new board members and honor the long-term members.

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Arno Steichler, chairman of the “Climbing” section, welcomed members including Mayor Roland Burger, as well as numerous celebrities who have been honored for their many years of loyalty to the association. Now Steichler has released the annual report for the past two years.

Awards from the Buchen section of the German Alpine Club

Member for 25 years: John Becker (Binau), Jens Bönisch m (Sennfeld), Klaus Froebel (Book), Elizabeth Häfner (Koenigheim), Roswith Häfner (Tauberbischofsheim); Harald Häfner (Koenigheim), Werner Häfner (Tauberbischofsheim); Gerd Hemberger (Oberneudorf); Herbert Hodel (Grosseicholzheim); Klaus Holderbach (Book); Gerhard Liebler (Eichenbuehl); Willie Maag (Lauda-Koenigshofen); Andrea Miltner (Mudau), Tomasz Miltner (Mudau); Helga Mueller (Mudau); Elke Munch (Mudau); Johanna Ullrich (Merchingen); Andrzej Walter (Heilbronn); Werner Walter (Koenigheim); Rosa Walter (Koenigheim); Harry the Tooth (Oberscheflenz); Maria Bethauser (Hainstadt); Marcin Bethauser (Rosenberg), Joachim Bruemmer (Osterburken); Alexander Fehr (Boedigheim); Angelica Geier (Book); Martin Götzinger (Book); Robert Gremminger (Book); Peter greaves (Amorbach); Sabrina Grieb (Amorbach); Karen Grieb Karen (Amorbach); Alfons Grieb (Amorbach); Regina resent (Miltenberg); Alfred Gunther (Adelsheim); Gerhard Henrich (Mosbach); Ulrike Henrich (Mosbach); Robert Menger (Mosbach); Anette Schellig (Waldhausen); Bernhard Schellig (Waldhausen); Stephen White (Book); Werner Wiese (Hainstadt); Udo Wirsching (Schwabhausen); Werner Zimmerman (Schwetzingen); Loren Zinkel (Meckesheim).

Member for 40 years: Stephen Balles (Hardheim); Hans Heilmann, Hans (Walldürn); Heinz Henn (Book); Lothar Hofherr (clone); Manfred Killian (Seckach); Helmut Kirchgessner (Hainstadt); Martin Leberl (Voehringen), Armin Resch (Valley of Elz); Walter Wegert (Book); Mateusz Ehrenfried (Götzingen); Horst Hammen (Hainstadt); Hans Peter Hofmann (Elsenfeld); jati Hussarik (Tauberbischofsheim); Werner Hussarik (Tauberbischofsheim); Ralph Wagner (Hardheim); Marcin Walter (Walldürn).

Member for 50 years: Gunter Bauer (Schefflenz).

Member for 55 years: Klaus Breunig (Valley of Elz); Klaus Brueger (Amorbach).

According to the CEO, the Corona’s summer, of course, also left their mark on the section. They brought the club financial losses due to the long closure of the climbing hall and the Arnberghütte. According to Steichler, many personal contacts were also lost during this time. All the more glad that the group of screwdrivers could still work in the climbing hall due to the different deployment times. The 2G principles, which were introduced early on when it opened on September 1, 2021, ultimately proved to be a good choice. In the Arnberghütte area, after the Arnberghüttenfest in July 2021, the management decided to lease the OKW hut for a long time from September. Such activities should generate income, reduce costs and ultimately secure the financial situation of the section.

positive events

However, there were also positive developments. For example, the Arnberghüttenfest was very well received on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly designed courtyard of the section’s own forest hut. The cooperation with the “Löwen” inn in Buchen was very pleasant – emphasized the section president.

Despite the pandemic, the association’s “outdoor activists” were very active. Climbers, climbers, hikers and mountain bikers have carried out many activities. Moreover, the nature and environmental protection missions should not be forgotten. This diverse involvement helps keep the autopsy alive. This year, in addition to various hiking and climbing activities, there will be a lot more to do, for example some work around and around the Arnberghütte.

“Mountain bike” enriched

The new section “mountain bike” is also an enrichment. In collaboration with the city of Buchen, the district manager and the hunting tenant in charge, a DAV trail is being developed in the Arnberg region.

Moreover, Arno Steichler noted the satisfactory increase in the membership of “the largest association based in the city of Buchen”. According to Steichler, with 2,532 members now, the Buchen section is pushing TSV Buchen out of the way. It is hoped that this trend will continue. However, it should also be noted with melancholy that some active members will say goodbye to all management for personal or private reasons, or will no longer be ready for new elections.

Following the annual report, Roland Burger addressed section members. The mayor of the city of Buchen was the first to say that such a general assembly with elections is important for the functioning and effective management of the association. He also talked about the “hiatus” caused by Corona. Fortunately, the situation in Corona would have calmed down a bit at the moment. However, when it comes to autumn and winter, a “new normality” is needed. This new normality was felt at last year’s “Arnberghüttenfest”. A very successful party after the break in Corona. The burger also highlighted the broad spectrum of DAV. Here everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of age, level of fitness or interests. Social interaction and exchange make clubs so attractive. He wished the section that, after the difficult period of Corona, the members would again take an active part in the club life and that new members could be recruited in the future.

It makes the mayor happy

The mayor is happy that DAV is constantly evolving. In the past, the city of Buchen has always worked closely with the section and was happy to support projects. The successful collaboration in creating MTB trails for DAV members is now visible.

Treasurer Anne Kasperek presented annual reports for the past two years and once again explained the decisions made in the context of the corona pandemic. Even if some decisions were controversial and did not always appeal to members, one can be proud that the section, despite considerable restrictions, survived the financial crisis so well and was able to meet all its obligations – said Kasperek.

After the cash audit report of Hubert Bethäuser and Christla Göbel-Weigand, the expected discharge of the management board followed.

After annual formalities, the management board was elected. After the votes, election official and honorary president Roland Ohnhäuser was able to announce new board members: “Climbing” board: Arno Steichler; Board member administration: Daniel Heinnickel; Treasurer: Anna Kasperek; secretary: Stefanie Hilpert; Youth Advisor: Nicolai Egbers; Assessor: Edgar Reinhard; “Mountaineering” section: Michael Walter; Arnberg News Department: Daniel Heinnickel; Arnberghütte department: Silke Steichler; Department “Mountain Climbing”: Philipp Schell; Family and Youth section: Nicolai Egbers; Material manager: Philipp Schell; Bouldering Department: Daniel Heinnickel; Route Construction Department: Edgar Reinhard; Membership Department: Eva Weber; Mountain Bike Department: Clemens Banschbach; Law and Insurance Department: Rainer Müller. Christina Göbel-Weigand and Hubert Bethäuser were also hired as auditors.

Say goodbye to the blackboard

After the adoption of the budget estimate for 2022, the honors of the long-term members of the association and farewell to the members of the board followed. After many years of involvement, Udo Jaschek (board of directors “Arnberghütte”, department “Family and Youth”, board), Matthias Erdmann (director of youth affairs, board), Sabine Seifert (department “Education”), Regina Groll (department “Nature” and Environment “) and Ronny Seifert (” Mountain Climbing “department) from the section board. After honoring the individual volunteers, the management team thanked Eva Weber (Membership Management) and Tobias Häfner (caring around the Arnberghütte) for their great commitment with small gifts. Thanks to good organization and catering by volunteers from the Hollerbach-Oberneudorf church choir, the evening ended comfortably.

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