Jürgen Drews “has everything under control again”

Mrs. Rützel, who upset you this week?

Łukasz Mockridge. His legal representative applied to the district court in Hamburg for an injunction prohibiting comedian Thomas Spitzer from labeling both Mockridge’s artist and his work as “shit”. Spitzer made this judgment in a tweet. The court dismissed the request as it found no painting, and I personally believe that Mockridge’s attempt is at least a bit exaggerated. If I were bolder and more outlaw than I really are, I would now write as a test that I really don’t find Mockridge funny in general and his work in particular, and then I’ll see what happens.

Dieter Bohlen returns to the jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” – how surprised were you by this strange personality?

Actually, I shouldn’t be shocked at all about the erratic behavior of some TV stations – from the provocative resurgence of all the wrecked TV heroes not hiding in the boiler room fast enough when the RTL or SAT1 front door rings, it doesn’t really feel like much else shame can give. But first chasing Bohlen off the farm as RTL wanted to be more responsive, less adventurous and more modern and generally human, and then bring him back as the DSDS rate dropped even more without his stencil sayings – again I find that very sad. I wasn’t a big fan of Bohlen’s successor in the Florian Silbereisen jury, but at least he wasn’t unnecessarily rude to the candidates, it was progress. The good news, of course, is that DSDS should be phased out after another 20th season. Of course, you can’t rely on him anymore.

Majorca’s monarch Jürgen Drews did the opposite board last week: he announced the end of his career. Will you miss him?

In fact, yes. Drews has always been interesting to me as a TV character and I still regularly (admit, mostly in my head) sing to one of his songs when something goes wrong: “We’re back on the path / Whoa-oh-oh-oh / Na drowning of the ship / Whoa-oh-oh-oh / Don’t panic on the Titanic / Land in sight, we don’t die ”is the chorus, and its naturally deceptively comforting message is really the right attitude for our time. Incidentally, “Geder alles im Griff” was the title song for Drews’ weird TV erotic quiz “Strip” in which the losers had to undress in the studio in the late nineties. This is not done nowadays. During the show, Drews sang the chorus over and over on the most trivial of occasions, the resilience impressed me even then.

In order to fulfill our chronicler’s duty and to continue to closely follow the ever-bolder family tree of the Musk Dynasty, we must briefly recount that Elon Musk’s father said now that a few years ago he also had children again – as recently as Son.

Yes, with his stepdaughter who is 41 years younger than him and whose mother was previously married for 18 years. Sounds like one of those confusing math word problems, but that’s what Errol Musk, 76, told Britain’s The Sun. The baby was therefore born in 2019. “The only reason we’re in the world is reproduction,” explained Musik Senior, and I’m really not sure if we should continue to keep an eye on this ever-growing family, or if it’s better to largely replace it.

What exactly is Helene Fischer doing?

That’s a particularly good question this week. Personally, I would like to know if he will no longer be watching Deutschland sucht den Superstar next year – or on the contrary, he will now be watching it again.

Christian Seidl asked questions.

Anja Rützel is a freelance writer and mainly writes about television and animals. Over the weekend for the Berliner Zeitung, he watches the capricious world of celebrities.

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