The Schubert Group takes over Hyundai’s Magdeburg operations

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Schubert takes over Hyundai’s Magdeburg operations

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The car trading group expanded its cooperation with the Korean brand and took over the business of the Nordstadt car dealer in Magdeburg Hyundai.

Managing Director Peter Dräger and Branch Manager Olaf Röhl are delighted with the new location of Schubert Motors in Magdeburg.

(Photo: Sabrina Gorges)

The Schubert Group has acquired Hyundai Autocenter Magdeburg from Autohaus Nordstadt. This brings the number of Hyundai dealerships in the auto dealer group to three.

In addition, Schubert sells BMW, Mini and Alpina vehicles. All 23 employees are to stay with the company. Olaf Röhl, who was managing director at Autohaus Nordstadt, takes over the management of the branch.

Within the Schubert Group, Hyundai’s activities are linked to Motors GmbH. According to Managing Director Peter Dräger, the Korean brand fits well with BMW as there is almost no overlap and therefore no direct competition. “On the contrary: we also offer vans and small buses.” Even small cars like the i10 are a good addition.

However, the wider range of vehicles is not the only reason why the group wants to focus more on Hyundai’s business. The use of the workshop also plays a role at Dräger.

The Magdeburg company on Albert-Vater-Strasse 70 recently sold around 200 new cars and 80 used cars a year. “This year it will be difficult because we simply don’t have the goods. We hope to hit these numbers again next year, or even break them, ”said Dräger in an interview with kfz-betrieb.

planned relocation

In the medium term, the company plans to relocate its operations mainly for logistical and infrastructural reasons. “We will remain at the Albert-Vater-Strasse location until the end of 2025 and then integrate the Hyundai brand into Damaschkeplatz,” Dräger announced. There is already a Mini and BMW motorcycle sale and a used car center.

In total, the Schubert Group sold approximately 1,000 new vehicles and 2,700 used vehicles in 2021.

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