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The love drama “I Still Believe”, which was shown in cinemas in 2020 but largely overlooked there, will premiere on free television for the first time. KJ Apa, the heartbeat of many Riverdale fans, stars in an emotional love story.

“I Still Believe” is a sometimes tear-jerking drama based on the life story of American musician Jeremy Camp, which has sold millions of records. There is also catchy (soft) rock and with “Riverdale” beau KJ Apa, fans of which will surely enjoy the free TV premiere, as well as films such as “Kein Ort ohne Dich”, “Den Sternen so close” or “A World Beyond.” ”Britt Robertson announced two pleasantly credible young stars as a couple.

Nevertheless, we can only recommend this movie to you with reservations. Because the Christian program of the duo of directors Andrew and Jon Erwin (“American Underdog”) is extremely penetrating in the face of the audience. Almost one of the 115 minutes does not pass without at least one of the heroes praying, praising “the Lord”, thanking or literally singing a hymn of praise to Him. For atheists or believers of another religion, this can be not only tiring, but downright annoying, as our review of the film notes:

Official review of “I Still Believe” by FILMSTARTS

“I Still Believe” will air today, July 17, 2022 at 8:15 PM Saturday 1. If you don’t like the date, or you prefer to enjoy the whole thing in the original English version and / or without ad breaks, you can order Blu-ray or DVD from online stores such as Amazon. Alternatively, the title is also available for streaming as video on demand for a fee:

»” Still Believe “on Amazon*

This is what “I still believe” is about

Jeremy (KJ Apa) leaves his hometown of Indiana to attend a Christian college in California. Shortly after arriving, he meets two college friends who will have a huge impact on his life: Jean-Luc (Nathan Parsons), a local rock star, and the lively Melissa (Britt Robertson), who at first falls in love with the sight.

Jean-Luc quickly recognized Jeremy’s musical talent. And while he too has romantic feelings for Melissa, he helps her launch a career as a singer and songwriter. Even with Melissa, the novice couldn’t do better. But then she was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Their faith gives lovers the courage to face the situation. Despite the gloomy prospects for the future, they decide to get married. Just before the big day, Melissa gets re-tested and suddenly she is cancer free – so nothing stands in the way of her dream wedding. But already during the honeymoon, she suddenly feels worse again. The disease returns – worse than ever …

Stars in supporting roles in “I Still Believe”

In addition to the lovers playing Bitt Robertson and KJ Apa, who also does a great job as a singer there are a few other famous actors in “I Still Believe”. It is especially about Gary Sinise and Shania Twain, who play the role of the parents of the protagonist Apa.

Sinise was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of the Vietnam War bipedal veteran in Forrest Gump. His other top titles are “The Green Mile”, “Apollo 13” and “About Mice and People”. He also directed the cast of the popular crime drama series CSI: New York for nine years.

After Burning Speed, alongside John Travolta, I Still Believe was just Shani Twain’s second major acting job. Although Sinise can play guitar and sing for at least a short time, surprisingly, there is no musical interlude here. After all, the five-time Grammy winner is one of the most successful artists in country music history with over 85 million albums sold.

Also starring Nathan Parsons (Roswell: New Mexico) and Abigail Cowen from Netflix’s Fate: Saga Winx and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Manifest star Melissa Roxburgh.

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