“Title possible” – votes of the German team after the final qualifying round

After a 3-0 win over Finland, the German team finished the group stage as leader of the table with nine points and 9-0 goals. 90 minutes summed up some German votes after the victory over the Finns (quoted after: sportschau.de):

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg / Eurasia Sport Images / GettyImages

… when asked if their team played the perfect group stage:

Yes definitely. If someone had told us earlier that we would come out of this group with nine points and a 9-0 goal, we would have managed and signed the contract immediately. But we deserved it. We played against Denmark and Spain. two great games. We didn’t play great today, but we played very seriously. We tried again and again but did not reward ourselves at first. I think we would have gained another level of safety if we had gone 1-0 earlier. We tried a lot, we tried a lot, we never lost our energy. We don’t want to complain about a 3-0 win in the end. Now we want to recover and play this great quarter-final against Austria. “

…. on the depth of the German composition and purpose of Nicole Anyomi:

“It just shows the spirit of this team. It also shows us that we can really rely on all players – whether they come or play from the beginning. This team spirit supports us at the moment and hopefully will continue to do so when other big challenges stand in our way. We’ve always taken the lead so far. It makes the game a bit easier for us. It’s nice that players who come off the bench can also reward themselves with a goal. I’m especially happy about Nicole Anyomi. I told her this morning, “My gut is telling me: you will score a goal tonight!” and my instincts were right. “

… when asked what her stomach said about Alexander Popp:

“I knew that at least one head in (laughter). Of course, it can go on like this.

… about Austria’s upcoming opponent:

“First of all, congratulations to Austria. She absolutely deserved a promotion to the quarter-finals. She was great with England. Yesterday too [gegen Norwegen] they were tactically clever and finally rewarded themselves. You’re right in the quarter-finals. We look at it. I think this is the third game that Germany has played against Austria, and then also the quarter-final of the European Championship. The Austrian team is characterized by an absolute team spirit. You have a lot of Bundesliga players we know very well. It will be a neighborly duel that both nations can really expect. “

Alexandra Popp, Ella Pikkujams

Alexandra Popp / Laurence Griffiths / GettyImages

… about appearances at the European Championships so far:

Everything’s going really well so far. We always came off the field as winners, that’s the most important thing. I’m happy. For me personally, the first goal was a bit of a can opening. a point where I also had the feeling “Suddenly it’s getting easier and easier to train and I don’t think so much anymore. It is of course great that it worked so well in previous matches. I am also very happy that I was able to help the team with the second goal today. I think there was a need to calm things down a bit as the Finns counterattacked relatively well.

… to the question of whether the serious performance against Finland was evidence of maturity:

Yes, absolutely. We wanted to get into the game with the same energy as in the first two games. I think you saw that we had many chances, especially in the first half. Then the last pass and there was a lack of precision in the last shot. Again you saw that on the pitch they fired the substitutes that something had happened there. It’s just cool and incredibly good feeling and a good sign that you have quality on the bench that can change the game is over again. It’s just fun. “

… about many players from the Austrian opponents quarter-final that you know from the Bundesliga:

– This can be an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage. The Austrians should not be underestimated. They have an incredible team spirit, you can feel it and notice it. This can have a huge impact on us. We want to continue following the EM dream with the same enthusiasm and power, and we will do our best. “

… about the difference between group and cup matches:

“It’s usually the games that are the most fun because it’s an all-or-nothing game. So there really is no need for motivation. Everyone is aware that this is an all or nothing game. we will approach him. ”

Sophia Kleinherne, Adelina Engman

Sophia Kleinherne / Eurasia Sport Images / GettyImages

… when asked if her first EM starting XI was funny:

“The game was great fun. Playing 90 minutes at the highest level, on this international stage, generally on the stage where you are seen, is a feeling that I really enjoyed and appreciate. for us as a team. “

… about Deutsche Bank quality:

“We are a team that has come very close on and off the pitch, especially in the last few weeks. This is crucial in the tournament. Ultimately, it can make a big difference. I have to say a lot of respect for our team, “I have never experienced such a lively bench. It gives you an incredibly beautiful feeling on the pitch. It gives an incredibly beautiful feeling even on a bench. It’s just fun being in the stadium or being on the pitch and being part of this team, I think it’s really a lot of strength that our team brings throughout the tournament.

… when asked if the DFB team has played an excellent tournament so far:

– Yes definitely. That was our goal and our aspirations. Of course, with today’s victory, you can still complain about small things that we have to fix until the quarter-finals in order to use our chances even more effectively and accurately. But that’s all Complaining at a high level. First of all, we should be proud of ourselves and enjoy the moment. From tomorrow on, our eyes will be on Austria. “

… about her Austrian teammates at Eintracht Frankfurt:

“Austria has a huge number of Eintracht players. This is a battle we know from daily club training. This is obviously a very, very interesting battle. The problem is that both teams want to leave the field as winners. “I’m glad to be very interested. Of course it will be very interesting because you know many faces. Little things will make a difference. I believe our coaching team will prepare us for the game in such a way that we are the dominant team, we seem confident and we move on to semi-finals “.

Sarah Doorsun

Sara Doorsoun / Eurasia Sport Images / GettyImages

… about the first minutes of the tournament and the performances of the German team so far:

“I’m tired, but it feels really good that I could be on the pitch with the team for the first 90 minutes. Even before the tournament, I had an impression and said that we as a team really do grow together and be able to play a good role in this tournament as well. Maybe I smiled at first when I said that. But I have seen the quality of the team from the very first preparation course. We managed to attract people Get carried away at home, especially in the last two matches. Now I am happy that we will play against Austria in the quarter-finals.

… about a special constellation in which many Eintracht and Bundesliga players are active in Austria’s quarter-final opponents:

– This is the quarter-final, so one way or another this is a special match. We give nothing to the Austrians. We want to get to the semi-finals. Austria played really well defensively against England, didn’t give much of the game, but we weren’t the way we boldly moved forward in the game. They certainly did the work they had to do against Norway. I didn’t feel anything was wrong. Maybe the game was good again today, so we know there is never less percentage on the pitch. Austria is by no means underestimated. “

… when asked what is possible with this German team:

“Definitely the title. I said it in advance. I am still convinced of that. “

Nicole Anyomi

Nicole Anyomi / Eurasia Sport Images / GettyImages

… about her feelings after EM’s first goal:

“I feel super good. I never thought that I would score in the first game. I was looking forward to the minutes, I wanted to show and give my best. I think I did that too. That’s what I wanted to support the team too, so we can score more goals. It worked out quite well. I’ve never played in front of so many people. That’s why the game was so much fun. At first I was excited too, but that’s what other players are for. Then they motivate you again, push you and support you. Then they took my nerves. After all, it was fun, even if it was a bit exhausting. We can be satisfied with 3-0.

… about what distinguishes the German team:

“Our team spirit. We have grown a lot together over the last few courses and as a result we have developed a team spirit and our own identity. We showed it in the last three games. “

… about Austria’s upcoming opponent:

“It will be a special game because we know a few Bundesliga players. Four players on my own team [Eintracht Frankfurt] playing there makes the game special. Of course, we will do our best to get to the semi-finals. I also think that in this game we can develop joy and have fun. Austria is a nation that can surprise you very much. We got the game yesterday [gegen Norwegen] Watched. They played very well there, closed the spaces, and then scored a goal out of nowhere. We will prepare as best we can to beat Austria.

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