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Erfurt (dpa / th) – The first holiday weekend has kicked off in many places in Thuringia. For example, the zoos in Erfurt and Gera recorded a good, but not special, number of visitors. Zoopark Erfurt is still looking for children aged six to eight to spend their holidays with their pets. The Trusetal Dwarf Park counts on more visitors. “Nothing is recognizable here – neither from the holidays in Thuringia, nor from the holidays in Saxony-Anhalt,” said Frank Ullrich of the Park of the Dwarfs, a stone’s throw from the state border. The holidays in Thuringia began on Friday with the awarding of certificates.

There was also no great rush at the outdoor pools in the Free State. It was just too changeable and not warm enough, it was said, from the outdoor pool at the Mühlhausen swimming pond. In the coming week, with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius for several days, many more visitors are expected here.

In fact, the weather was still somewhat restrained throughout the sunny weekend. Although temperatures around the regional 21 to 27 degrees Celsius on Sunday offered the best conditions for a visit to the outdoor swimming pool. However, there were still some clouds on Saturday morning, according to DWD. In addition, the wind sometimes increased from 22 to 25 degrees maximum. In the coming week, the 30-degree mark should be broken several days in a row.

At Jena, all children up to 14 years of age can use the outdoor swimming pools free of charge during the holiday season from July 15 to August 28. The news hasn’t spread everywhere yet, an employee said on Sunday. The number of visitors is still relatively normal in both the south and east pools. It will definitely look different in the coming week. “I expect many people – and many children. It’s just getting started.

The beginning of vacation on national highways was more noticeable. Already on Saturday, the holiday trips caused a lot of traffic on the highways. Traffic flows smoothly, “but you can clearly see the holiday crowd in both directions,” said a spokesman for the traffic police with a view of Autobahn 9 outside the window. Similar on A4, A71 and A73. Overall, the number of vehicles on Thuringia’s motorways is higher than usual, according to a spokesman in Thuringia, there were no major traffic jams over the weekend. Alone ahead of Saxony-Anhalt, it blocked on the A38 between Nordhausen and Heringen towards Leipzig due to a construction site.

ADAC Hessen-Thüringen announced heavy traffic jams on numerous German highways in the middle of the week. As there will be no more schools on Monday, not only in Thuringia, but also in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Bremen and Lower Saxony, there will be plenty of roads on the national roads. Intensive travel is to be expected during the summer holidays on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. According to the ADAC, the risk of traffic jams is particularly high on access roads to low mountain ranges, local recreational areas and lake landscapes.

According to Deutsche Bahn, there has also been “predictably high traffic” at railway stations in the country. However, this is comparable to past weekends in the period of validity of the 9 euro ticket – nothing unusual on the first holiday weekend.

On the routes of the Abellio railway company in Thuringia and in Saxony-Anhalt, trains were canceled during the first holiday weekend due to high levels of disease. There have been some setbacks, especially on Saturday, a company spokesman said on Sunday. This mainly affected routes in the southern Harz mountains, via Mansfelder Land and via Eichsfeld. It was a little better on Sunday. Abellio announced possible setbacks on Friday. Due to the 9 euro ticket, the occupancy rate was comparable to the last weekends. “Overall, this is the weekend level we’ve had recently.”

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