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The second round of elections in Landau is a real thriller: only a few votes separate two candidates for the office of mayor. Now it depends on the last constituency.

Two candidates for mayor of Landau Dominik Geißler (CDU) and Maximilian Ingenthron (SPD)


Dominik Geißler from CDU and Maximilian Ingenthron are in a fierce race. In the meantime, 32 out of 33 constituencies have been counted and at 19:36 the two candidates are divided by only 13 (!) Votes. Geißler is one step ahead in terms of votes, but in percentage points both candidates now hold 50 percent of the vote.

You can follow the preliminary results of the counting process here.

Election result two weeks ago with a narrow result

In the first vote two weeks ago, the two candidates were only slightly apart: in the end, they were only 328 votes apart. The CDU candidate Dominik Geißler received 35.7% of the votes. SPD candidate Maximilian Ingenthron to 34 percent

The result of the first vote in the mayoral election of Landau two weeks ago (photo: City of Landau)

Result of the first vote for mayor of Landau two weeks ago

City of Landau

Participation in Landau’s elections can be crucial

The decisive factor is who voted by approx. 5 thousand people. voters who voted for the Green candidate in the first round. And probably also whether more people go to the elections at all. Two weeks ago, slightly more than half of the voters went to the polls (turnout: 50.3%). A total of around 38,000 people in Landau were called to vote. According to the city, as many as 11,000 of them applied for a postal vote.

The postal envelopes for the mayoral election of Landau are in a box (photo: SWR)

The documents for voting by post could also be submitted to the City Hall by 6:00 p.m. today


According to the city, voter turnout was around 40 percent as of 1:00 PM. For comparison: In the last round of mayoral elections in 2015, according to the city, the turnout at the same time on election Sunday was only about 30 percent. This means that the decision between Dominik Geißler (CDU) and Maximilian Ingenthron (SPD) has brought more people to the ballot box in Landau today – at least by noon – than the round seven years ago. At that time, Maximilian Ingenthron (SPD) took over the incumbent mayor Thomas Hirsch (CDU).

Mayor’s election: very different candidates

Both candidates differ not only in the color of the party. Maximilian Ingenthron of the SPD has been a member of the city council since 1989, and has been the city’s mayor since 2016. Dominik Geißler, whose parents’ home is in Gleisweiler in the southern Palatinate, spent his political career in Berlin until the end of last year – and was presented by the CDU as an unexpected candidate in Landau.

Landau: These are two runners-up contenders

Dominik Geissler was born in Stuttgart in 1963 and studied politics and music. He is the son of the late CDU politician Heiner Geißler. In recent years, the CDU politician has held various positions in federal ministries. Most recently, until the change of government in December 2021, he held a managerial position in the Federal Ministry of Economy headed by the CDU.

Maksymilian Ingentron was born in Landau in 1968 and studied history. Since 1989, he has been a member of the Landau City Council at the SPD. The SPD politician has been the mayor of the Landau city council since 2016 and as head of department he is responsible for the department of schools, culture and sports, the adult education center, the social welfare office, and garbage collection and commercial activities.

What will happen after the second round on July 17?

The official term of office of the new mayor begins on January 1, 2023. Thereafter, the still-in-office mayor, Thomas Hirsch (CDU), will leave office and assume the position of president of the Rhineland-Palatinate savings banks.

However, the city administration has already announced that there are topics to be prepared after the second round of elections in consultation with the newly elected mayor. This includes future projects to be implemented in the city center, Ostpark and Horst, the resumption of municipal marketing with federal and state subsidies, and several renewable energy projects.

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