Börse Express – “I am writing with tears in my eyes”: the social situation is more dramatic than we think in politics, the rush for solidarity funds documents desperation

The COMÚN Foundation for the Common Good is flooded with hundreds of applications to urge the government not to wait until fall, but now

Vienna (OTS) – The current inflation wave is pushing more and more people in Austria to their financial limits. In desperation, almost 200 families contacted the COMÚN Foundation for the Common Good, which was founded at the beginning of the year, and asked for a small amount of support from their “solidarity fund”. So far, the foundation has supported those in need with up to EUR 250 per person through its fund, but the flood of inquiries is beyond its reach. At the same time, sometimes very long letters from people document current events in the country:

“Poverty is rapidly spreading in the middle of our society, affecting precarious workers and single mothers, but now also full-time and self-employed workers. People from all over the country write to us, their words full of shame, anger and despair. We help them as best we can, but we are only a small civic foundation. So we appeal to the federal government for help now, not waiting for fall or resorting to the valuable but too late valorization of welfare benefits from next year. If we do not receive immediate help to these people, the conditions in our country will be terrible, ”says labor market expert and author Veronika Bohrn Mena, president of the COMÚN Common Good Foundation.

Many of the messages to the foundation make it clear that many of them are people who have never been in this position before. One woman writes, “I am very ashamed to have to beg. I am writing this email with tears of anger, anger and despair. Therefore, I am asking for a one-time aid of 250 euros so that I can pay my quarterly electricity bill. ” A father from western Austria writes: “We have never been in this situation, so he does not know how to act.” And one from Vienna writes: “I am a mother of six children and I have always been good at my job. My husband was also not unemployed for a day and worked at the construction site for 40 years. Due to rising prices, we no longer know how to support our children. “

Foundation’s Advisory Board: What matters is quick help, the obligation to help those in need

The situation is very worrying for the members of the Solidarity Fund Program Council, who also decide who will receive the subsidy. The Solidarity Fund’s advisory board includes longtime president Volkshilfe Josef Weidenholzer, poverty activist Daniela Brodesser and Andrea Czak, chairwoman of the feminist single mothers association.

“I know from my own experience that only quick support really helps. Nobody gets help in two months if today you only have € 15 after paying fixed costs for the rest of the month. That is why our Solidarity Fund is so important to me. Helping people quickly and without bureaucracy is now more important than ever in the face of rising prices, adds poverty activist Daniela Brodesser, chairman of the Solidarity Fund Advisory Board.

She is supported by the Chairman of the Program Council of the Foundation, Magdalena Baran-Szołtys: “The value of money is relative. For some, 150 euros is a nice evening with dinner in an elegant restaurant. For others, 150 euros is a food budget for the whole month. For them, the lack of this sum means going to bed hungry, worried, not knowing how to survive. It is our duty to help these people. “

Among the inquiries addressed to the foundation are many single parents and families, they are particularly vulnerable, according to Andrea Czark, a member of the Fund’s Advisory Council: prices, single parents and their children are particularly at risk of falling into poverty. ‘

More information on the solidarity fund of the Common Good Foundation COMÚN can be found at [www.gemeinwohlstiftung.at]
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