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Status: 07/01/2022 17:16

A panel of experts checked the coronation measures on behalf of the federal government. They were only partially effective and the data situation was insufficient, the report concluded that received mixed responses in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Masks make sense, but it’s important to wear them correctly, experts recommend daily testing instead of the 2G or 3G rules. Moreover, blockades would have to be short-lived to be effective, experts say. The AfD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern feels confirmed in its previous criticism, said Thomas de Jesus Fernandes, Member of the National Parliament: “We have to get away from maintaining the narrative and downplaying the counter-arguments. I look forward to sound discussion in the future so that reasonable measures can also be taken. “


FDP: Definitely not enough data

Free Democrats are also calling for a change of course in coronation policy. They are concerned about two points pointed out by experts. First, there is too little data in Germany for a comprehensive assessment. Second: Corona rules have always been set in the package. Therefore, it is difficult to judge individual points such as school closings. It is clear to the head of the FDP’s parliamentary state group, René Domke, with a view to possible future coronation laws, “that we will no longer wait for these packages of measures, but will always wait for the mildest effect to measure.”

Experts: Masks are compulsory again for fall

The Greens concluded from the report that indoor use of FFP2 masks is likely to be an effective tool in the expected fall wave. “But nationwide, undifferentiated contact reduction measures should be a thing of the past,” said Harald Terpe, chairman of the state parliament. You will likely have to adjust to the mask requirement again, as will two state government scientific advisers – bioinformatist Lars Kaderali and tropical medicine specialist Emil Reisinger. They expect a sharp increase in the number of infections from September. Therefore, good preparation is the order of the day.

Linke: No clear communication

Health expert on the country’s left, Steffi Pulz-Debler, believes coronation testing should be free again and the vaccination campaign more targeted. It also lacks “clear communication” with citizens outside. “Where are we now? What are we planning now? In fact, I completely missed it in the last few weeks and months that we are looking for a direct line. ” SPD spokeswoman on health policy, Christine Klingohr, has also self-criticized that politics needs to improve when it comes to taking everyone with them. She also said that not all Corona rules will be reapplied: “We would like to avoid the closure of schools and kindergartens, if possible, we can continue to work in tourism.” Necessary protection must also be maintained in nursing homes without closing homes.

Drese: Wearing the mask on the bus and train should remain

After Friday’s conference of health ministers, the Minister of Health of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Stefanie Drese (SPD) stressed that the most important demand of the Länder is that the federal government in time to present a law on protection against infections that will give countries sufficient capacity to respond adequately to outbreaks crowns in regions to be able to respond. It has already been agreed that the masks will be mandatory on local public transport, Drese told NDR Nordmagazin.

Crown in MV

Greifswald Festival of Fishermen - a port with a Ferris wheel.  © screenshot

About 60,000 people attended the three-day maritime folklore festival in Greifswald on Sunday midday. still

Enriched virus © Imago-Images / Science Photo Library Photo: KATERYNA KON

A study by University Medicine Greifswald aims to show the number of unreported cases of corona infections. still

7-day hospitalization rate as of July 15, 2022 © NDR

The seven-day incidence of new infections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern rises to 579.3. The hospitalization rate is 6.1. still

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