“Funny days” and other happy songs: Eight choirs come to the Sonthofer Festival – news from Immenstadt

Eight choirs from Germany and Austria will perform on Saturday at the Sonthofen singt festival. A very special guest team is also expected.

Sonthofen About 200 voices will create an open-air concert hall on Saturday afternoon at Johann-Althaus-Platz in Sonthofen. At 1.00 p.m. the XXVIII Choir Festival “Sonthofen sings” begins. Eight choirs from Germany and Austria will present a colorful cross-section of their repertoire every 20 minutes – from yodelling to spiritualism. The meeting will be hosted by Sandra Pauli and Heinrich Liebherr. It will be indoors in bad weather Oberallgaeu sung. The festival ends in the evening with a concert of the Erfurt Choral Academy and on Sunday evening with the concert “20 years of Allgäuer Kehlspatzen”, each in St. Michael.

You can also hear the Allgäu firs

The loud afternoon will be opened by Hedwig Roth Fir from Vorderburg, which will organize yodeling workshops for everyone. Later he will perform again with the Vorderburg fir group. Bernd Neve, who has been organizing the festival since 2010 with the support of the city’s cultural department, is delighted to finally be able to present the fir trees from the Allgäu. In previous years, he was always refused: many fir trees are farmers and have to go out for hay in the summer.

New challenges

But this year, Neve, president of the Choir of St. Michael, there were other challenges ahead. Because after two years of Corona, in which no festival took place, it was difficult to convince the choirs to go to the county town. He called a lot of bands that are usually always there. “But either there are no more choirs or they are unable to sing – some are just starting rehearsals.” So Bernd Neve is happy to be able to win eight groups per performance. There were 14 choirs at the 2019 festival, five years ago there were 20.

A special treat

But the organizers can also this year offer a special feast with 70 young singers from the Erfurt Choir Academy. During its summer tour, the choir, which works closely with the Erfurt Theater, first stop in Sonthofen – with a concert in St. Michael. Bernd Neve also asked if children and teenagers aged 7 to 18 would like to sing in the afternoon. Choir director Cordula Fischer agreed.

Action involving cylinders

The Choral Academy will therefore provide two samples of their skills. Among other things, the children’s choir will prepare an action-packed performance with cylinders: “Movement is especially important for children, it gives them the opportunity to bring their music to life,” says Cordula Fischer, who has been responsible for the choir since 2017. The entire choir performs folk songs such as “Kein schöner Land”. In the evening, the focus is on sacred music such as Karl Jenkins’ Ave Maria.

Excellent family music from fish

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St. Michael Choir sings more secular songs from Willie Sendt’s “Funny Days” or the catchy melody of “Funiculi, Funicula”. The family band Althaus from Fischen, which recently won the county award for folk music “Swabian Nightingale”, offers waltzes and a dialect song “De Wirthüshockar”. Dialect also plays a role in the firs of Vorderburg (“Auf d’r Alpspitz”) and “Walser Maika” of Kleinwalsertal, for example with the song “I wistst mir an Buab. The Kempten Jazz Choir invents spiritualist spirits, and the Cambodunum choir, also from Kempten, presents, among others, “Allgäulied”. The band “Unus mundus” from Reutte (Tyrol) tells a musical story about “Inspiration of Hope”.


The choir festival will take place on Saturday 23 July from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of Hirschstrasse and Althausplatz. Entry is free. The “friends of the carnival Hillaria Sonthofen” will take care of the catering. In the evening at 19.30 in the parish church of St. Michael, there will be a “spiritual concert” of the Erfurt Choral Academy. On Sunday, July 24 at 7 p.m. in St. Michael will have a concert “20 Years Allgäuer Kehlspatzen”.


Eight choirs perform every 20 minutes. Planned order:

St. Michael, Sonthofen

Kempten Jazz Choir

Kempten Cambodian Choir

Yodel Vorderburg Group

Family Music Althaus, Fischen

Erfurt Choir Academy


Kempten Cambodian Choir

Walser Maika Nani and Koletta Fritz

“Unus mundus”, Reutte (Tyrol)

Erfurt Choir Academy

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