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FROM Global Green Technology Index has been on a recovery course since mid-June. However, given the weakness of the overall market, the index is currently lacking momentum. High interest rates, problems in the supply chain, rising costs of raw materials – all this and more are burdening companies and thus the stock exchange. With prices down 0.7 percent in the last three months, Global Green Technology Index nevertheless, they fared significantly better than leading indices such as the DAX® and EuroStoxx®50, each of which lost around eight percent. There are many reasons for relatively good development. The biggest catalysts include the high price of oil and the critical situation in gas supplies. Both are putting pressure on policymakers to take action to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels. First of all, Germany and the EU have launched billions in investment and subsidy programs in recent months to accelerate the energy transition. This is reflected in the stock exchange quotes.

FROM Global Green Technology Index it goes far beyond the field of renewable energy. Automotive technology with an emphasis on e-mobility, semiconductor technology with an emphasis on energy efficiency and recycling technology for better use of raw materials are also key areas in Global Green Technology Index. Each of these sectors can play a role in slowing global warming.

Electric vehicles instead of internal combustion engines are the motto of an increasing number of car buyers. Famous car makers and numerous newcomers are now competing fiercely for buyers. However, the bottlenecks in the supply of many components today are the brake block – especially in the case of semiconductors. For example, reported VWthat in the first half of the year it could be delivered by about 22 percent. fewer vehicles than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Infineon & What. it has already increased its production capacity in recent months and is planning further expansion. According to a study by Deloitte, 58 CFOs of automobile manufacturers and suppliers now expect supply chain problems to last until mid-2023.

FROM Global Green Technology Index tracks price developments for up to 25 companies that are driving the development of leading green technologies. When selecting companies, care is also taken to comply with the UN Global Compact standards for ethically and environmentally conscious activities. This includes the field of renewable energy, but also the circular economy and recycling, sustainable mobility, as well as energy, raw materials and materials efficiency. Currently, the shares of wind turbine producers such as SiemensEnergy and Vestasemiconductor manufacturers like Infineonrecycling specialists such as Veolia’s environment and Waste management as well as electric car manufacturers such as Geely and VW to the index. The composition of the index is revised every six months and weighted equally. The net distributions of equities included in the index are reinvested. The index certificate is a price development Global Green Technologies Index (Net Return) away. As the index grows, the value of the certificate grows. If an underlying index falls, the value of the security also falls.

FROM Green Technologies Select Index also includes up to 25 shares from the renewable energy, circular economy, semiconductor and automotive sectors. However, this index only includes stocks from Western Europe, Hong Kong and Canada.

Global Green Technologies Index credits; Daily chart (1 candle = 1 day)

Period of observation: January 26, 2021 (index start) – July 18, 2022. Historical observations are not reliable indicators of future events. Source:

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