Gute Marken Online will support Pyua in the D2C business in the future


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Source: Pyua

Gute Marken Online GmbH will support the e-commerce business of the sustainable outdoor brand Pyua from autumn 2022. Gutemarken takes control of the online store and the market.

Pyua pursues its development goals with the support of Gute Marken Online. The company wants, among others open up new target groups and sales potential, connecting with foreign markets. In addition, the outdoor supplier wants to more closely match the brand communication to the brand value in the premium segment. Since its founding in 2008, Pyua has been synonymous with sustainable, fashionable outdoor clothing. The company wants to completely close the textile cycle by 2025. Most collections already consist of products that are made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Gute Marken Online develops e-commerce for Pyua

Pyua also wants to stay ahead of online trading. For the upcoming autumn / winter 2022/23 season, the company wants to outsource its marketplace and online store operations to Gute Marken Online. Thanks to this, the company not only wants to use its online potential. He also wants to have more funds to further develop the brand and products in the future.

“We are experts in producing outdoor clothing sustainably and we want to focus even more on our goals in the area of ​​circular economy and brand awareness in the coming years. In addition to our top wholesale partners, the basis for this is extensive and successfully managed e-commerce, ”explains Stefan Mohr, CEO of Pyua. “Thanks to Gute Marken Online, we found a highly professional partner for this. It enables us to take our digital and fast-growing area directly to the consumer to the next level in a rapidly changing market environment ”.

Marketplace portfolio tailored to Pyua target groups

Pyua has now added more product groups to its range. The aim is to best meet the needs of customers in the coming winter as well as in the spring / summer 2023 season. In cooperation with Gute Marken Online, Pyua has now adapted the marketplace portfolio to the brand’s target groups. In addition, the internationalization of the brand is to be promoted. The 360 ​​degree service provider takes over all operational services, from data processing, market compliant display on fashion platforms, goods warehousing and logistics to foreign language customer service. Gutemarken also deals with the planning and optimization of goods management and aims to minimize planning risks.

“We are delighted to have acquired a highly innovative client in Pyua who has great sustainability plans,” explains Thomas Höss, Managing Director of Gutemarken. “While developing the new marketplace strategy for Pyua, we have already identified some sales and profit growth potential which we will pursue step by step in the coming months. We have also revised the e-commerce strategy to better position the brand and its values ​​in the premium segment. “

Gute Marken Online opens up digital sales channels for brands

Gute Marken Online GmbH is a service partner for digital sales channels. Supports mid-size fashion and lifestyle brands on their way to e-commerce and D2C business. Gutemarken, a subsidiary of Fortuneglobe GmbH, combines many years of expertise in fashion trading, online agencies and IT. Moreover, it not only provides technical solutions, but also takes over all services, from data management and customer service to payment and shipping. The full service principle allows the brand partners to concentrate on their core business.

Founded in 2008, Pyua Protection GmbH manufactures all products from sustainable and recyclable materials. In doing so, it wants to further develop its vision of a closed cycle. As sustainability also means using products for a long time, modern design and versatility have also become the hallmark of the garment. Along with ABS, the Freeride Film Festival and the Freeride Experience, Pyua belongs to the Munich-based investment firm Spin Capital. (sg)

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