It is known that art is controversial

The 26th session of the current Mayen City Council election period on Wednesday evening was relatively harmonious and quick. However, a reasonable number of agenda items also appeared on the agenda, which also offered little potential for conflict, at least in the public part. No wonder that most of the decisions were backed by a large majority by factions of the city council, some of which were heavily decimated by the disease. Contrary to the headline, the dispute over the future of the Castle Festival was limited. The board agreed that an overall slowdown was needed due to future changes in the wages of actors and stage staff, as well as energy and other costs. In other words: you need to improve your game plan and use your resources wisely. In order to maintain the artistic quality, the performances will have to be canceled in the coming year. So Tuesday will be fun-free and the number of performances will be reduced sustainably. At the same time, the council was able to agree a EUR 2 increase in ticket prices. This applies to all productions except for family fun. Even if the cuts are painful – especially for those of us who love culture – there is no way around this consolidation. This is also how the vast majority of the city council perceived it.

Another modification of the planned flotsam rake in Sagnesmühle follows a visit to a similar plant in southern Germany. The CDU parliamentary group says here: Right! We really appreciate that you think outside the box and benefit from the experiences of others – even if it makes the system even cheaper. On the other hand, the “art in construction” required by the state in the new kindergarten in Weiersbach is not cheap at all. After all, you have to invest 40,000 euros in a building’s piece to state specification. The administration’s application is the result of a decision by the jury which of the five submitted designs has allegedly chosen the best. A week ago, however, in the construction committee, this decision fell with a bang. Only three members of the SPD parliamentary group wanted to listen to their mayor’s suggestions. The administration did not like it, so the mayor was asked to reconsider the act in the city council without any changes. However, the administrative provisions of the city code were not respected here, so that eventually TOP had to be withdrawn and re-presented to the construction commission for decision. It was impossible to prevent a short substantive debate. A discussion about art can and should be allowed. The project presented to the city council consists of 2 natural stones for sitting and a mobile system in the foyer, which consists of approx. 10 colored, differently shaped acrylic glass panes. Any artisan would probably feel guilty about asking for more than 10,000 euros – but with the right two-page artistic explanation, it can sometimes cost four times as much. Faced with the difficult times we are all heading towards, the CDU parliamentary group was unable to accept the proposal. “I announce today that the CDU faction does not intend to change its mind on this matter at the next meeting,” said the chairman of the parliamentary faction, Christoph Rosenbaum. So many explanations remain.

At the request of the parliamentary group of the CDU, the proposal to renovate part of the roof of the gymnasium on Bachstraße was also removed from the agenda and referred to the responsible construction committee. Here, the template was hot-pressed and it was quickly determined that the facts and figures presented required a dedicated revision. It is to be feared that the foreseen budget for retrofitting – this is necessary to adapt the PV system that has already been decided – will be significantly higher than the figures provided.

The proposed spatial development plans and changes to the spatial development plan were passed largely without any objections or abstentions. This also applies to the renovation works on the Nette and Nitz as well as the new construction of the children’s playground in Nitztal, which was damaged by the flood a year ago. The CDU parliamentary group is delighted that the children in the smallest district of Mayen will soon have a great opportunity to play again – and also be safe from another flood.

In the private part of the city council meeting, far-reaching and wise decisions were made regarding the course of the “gastronomy in the old town hall” and “high parking lot” projects. In the case of the latter, it is to be hoped that there will be enough interested parties who can imagine building on the ground – and perhaps even more importantly: they can finance it as well. There was also great unanimity, at least in the city council, on the conduct of the trial.

After a good three hours, the city council meeting went relatively quickly, so the council members still had some time to end the mild summer night with a cool drink. The parliamentary group of the CDU wishes all missing members of the city council a speedy recovery.

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