Lady Gaga Concert: Fall to Earth from Space

Dthe show ends a little after eleven, but when does it start? In ICE from Berlin to Düsseldorf where do you see the first monsters so Gaga fans? Or in the incredibly crowded subway that goes north of the city center around seven in the evening and doesn’t receive any new visitors, where Polish and Spanish gays try to have close physical contact with later ones?

The Rhine metropolis “Dusseldorf”, as written on the tour T-shirts, marks the beginning of the route that the world has been waiting for for a long time. “Chromatica Ball”, the tour for Chromatica, is two years late due to Covid. “Chromatica Ball” will end in September after seventeen stops in the US. The lady last performed in Germany in 2018 in Düsseldorf, this is her only performance in this country.

Rarely when a concert has been expected with such excitement, you can feel it. You probably forgot about all this: the insane madness of the masses, the march of 46,000, pouring out of buses and trains and peacefully circling the football stadium, and then in a functional fast-food nirvana around the giant Krakauer, pork buns, hot dogs and queuing up cheese pretzels and beer from mugs with a handle.

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opinion Exclusive start to the tour

This alone is amazing when you haven’t been to such a gigantic concert for years. And then that moment when you walk into the stadium itself, with these tiny creatures on the opposite side, beings like you… The Queen of Pop takes her time. The official start is 7.30pm, shortly after nine o’clock the lights on “Bad Romance” go out and then the stage appears. “Rah-ah-ah-ah Roma, roma-ma / Gaga, ooh-la-la” to the thumping beat. The song comes from 2009 and goes to “The Fame”. “Just dance!” Calls Gaga, then plays “Ppppppokerface.” Music from the happy nineties, music that even three-year-olds can love. Then he gets into his latest album with the title track. Its name: Chromatica. Alien planet.

First impression: Lady Gaga’s presence is somewhat of a Bauhaus, strict, her outfit from the very beginning makes her look like a living tangram game. Added to this is the complexity of large-scale production. You have to see the artist with your eyes, it’s so big, but the screens behind the two-story stage are huge and razor-sharp, a veritable leporello of canvas stretching at different angles on the north side of the arena. You basically follow what is happening on stage on them.

Gaga was previously scanned and turned into an avatar that now haunts the screens. The visual part of “Chromatica Ball”, the official title of the show, was created in cooperation with the British fashion photographer Nick Knight and shows us alien things, overexposed brains, black and white plants, a concrete city, and in it the brutalism of the gaga, which is strictly adhered to here blonde hair gelled on the back and in patent leather, sometimes with almost no makeup and sort of refined. The costumes are sculptural, shoulder straps resemble artillery shells.

He fell from space to the scene of earth

The standards of stadium rock are performed performatively: hands in the air, flashing bracelets on their wrists, a few guitarists with trapezoidal instruments on stage booms, spinning dancers and, very effectively, many flamethrowers. It’s amazing, but the fireballs emanating close to the stage and rising from the central island in the middle of the stadium, several dozen meters away, can be felt immediately. You don’t want to see the gas bill.

No, it’s not just any concert. Lady Gaga tweeted the day before: “There was a time when I thought I would never be on stage again. I was so sad that I couldn’t dream of anything but a painful nightmare. I overcame him with love, support, faith, truth, courage, talent and dedication. I’m very grateful. See you in BABYLON.

And that was it. The sold out start of the Düsseldorf tour marks the return of the performer who can rightly be called the greatest living pop star and perhaps the last. Lady Gaga, 36, was born Stefani Germanotta in New York City. She began writing songs at an early age and had her breakthrough in 2008. Thirteen Grammy Awards and an Oscar for Best Song in a Movie is her merit. The break in concert activities from 2020 filled them well. She appeared in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci in 2021.

Abject and Alien: Lady Gaga in Düsseldorf

Abject and Alien: Lady Gaga in Düsseldorf

Source: Getty Images for Live Nation / Kevin Mazur

This year’s box office hit “Top Gun” features the theme song, and Gaga sang at Joe Biden’s inauguration. It can be said that it is not becoming more mainstream. But here at Fortuna Düsseldorf’s home stadium, Lady Gaga is above all one thing: Mother Monster. Mean and Stranger plays a much greater role in her behavior than, say, Beyoncé (with whom she recorded the hit “Telephone”) or Ariana Grande (duets with Gaga on the latest single “Rain on Me”).

Where Beyoncé and the other queens of pop also have a lot of followers among LGBTIQ people – Gaga, whose costumes often go back to the grotesque and are sometimes worn in something like a foreign egg, embodies a life attitude that has nothing to do with imitating earthly divas but with the possibility of living in a world the conditions of which others have created for others. Lady Gaga, like her die-hard fans, Little Monsters, fell from outer space onto the earthly stage. In the same way, you can also read films for individual songs on “Chromatica”.

The Alien Queen can be very decisive here on earth: “Put your hands up!” She calls out more and more to the audience. “Take me to wonderland!” And then the stomping begins, as the queen of pop commands. Unfortunately, if it consists of too many tracks, the sound becomes indistinct, muddy, too loud, which is typical for a stadium. Gaga’s strength is not to turn the arena into a club, which she cannot do with so many seats, or her off-screen presence on stage. No, her voice is her strength, a mezzo-soprano, strong and warm, reaching to the farthest corners of the stadium. Around 10 pm she puts on a golden dress and sings the hymn “Free Woman”. You can sing, but the main attraction of the concert is yet to come.

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You can’t see it on the winding paths, Gaga reaches the fire-breathing central island. There, lit by orange and blue light, stands her piano, reminiscent of the Alien creator HR Giger, and accompanies the great, yes, pop’s greatest promise: “My mother told me when I was little:” We are all born superstars. ” Sixty thousand cell phone screens now witness an ancient ritual, a ritual of self-affirmation in the midst of adversity. Bad dream about the Crown? End. crises? Just believe in yourself! group illusion? Long live the unit! “Oh, there’s no other way, baby, that’s how I was born. I’m on the right track, baby, that’s how I was born.”

The 2011 dance hit is performed acoustically, in addition to the three million watts emanating from colossi resembling spaceships. In this part of the concert, Gaga will be accompanied only by herself, which fits in with the message.

He also plays the “Edge of Glory” piano. She also wears an organic looking polka dot hat with antennae ending, a bit like the Plavalaguna diva in Luc Besson’s Fifth Element. So Lady Gaga is back, still the same. “I released this CD,” she says, “and then the whole world started falling apart … I missed you so much.” Is it possible, do you think it’s over, except for that? Will pop fix everything again, all the crises and hardships of our time? It’s not Lady Gaga’s fault, anyway, tonight she’s giving it her all. Plus three encores.

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