Markus-Realschule graduates in Altlußheim celebrate their high school diploma – Altlußheim

Altlussheim. In a relaxed yet festive atmosphere, 40-tenths of Markus Realschule students were satisfied with their successful graduation. The program was opened by a lively musical performance by Elias Drozd from the 12th class of the Vocational High School with “Watermelon” performed by the jazz musician Herbie Hancock.

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Principal Esther Osterroth welcomed those present and emphasized that the graduation ceremonies are something nice, because on the one hand there are so many beautiful people in the room when the weather is nice, and on the other hand the students have achieved their goal and something new is starting for them.


  • Class 10a: Svenia Czogalla, Marlene Kammer, Jan Kremer, Paul LinkeQuentin Maehringer, Noah MarconeMarcel Prenaj, Marie ReinkeLoughlin Rupp, Marvin Schlick, Lasse Schuy, Aimée Springer, Emily SteuerJózefina Strommer, Lena Tritsch, Johanna Trump and Anna Zimmerman.
  • Class 10b: Mia Bentele, Leif BertschMeret Büsenga, Jeremy Dalheimer, Lisa Ebert, Elisa HonestMarkus Gayed, Joshua the hero, Anna Rosa Prince, Jennifer Hoffner, Lisa Maria Hohmeyer, Nele KaufmannMarina Knauf, Joscha Knott, Carina Kroner, David Laier, Nelia Lujan Treder, Arno Martin, Annika Maurer, Emilia Piotr, Anna Schladitz, Teresa Schmidt and Anna Mądra.

Director Tobias Engelhardt puzzled the audience on the question “What remains?” He found that much of the content he learned in school is quickly forgotten. Very few remember “He, she, it, it must go with it” or math formulas after a short time. He pointed out that the values ​​of health, wealth and security are now highly valued in society and everyone wants to be in control of these values ​​in their daily lives.

the basis of faith

As everyday life is full of news of war, the explosion in energy costs, and many other bad news, the question remains whether the foundations on which everyone wants to build their future are solid. Engelhardt pointed out that students can build their lives on a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, who will go through life’s crises with them.

Managing Director Karlheinz Weißer from the supporting association also wished the tenants a good future, as they had taken a lot with them in the past and made them realize that they should not follow all influential people, but build on absolute reliability Jesus Christ, a work in the micro- and macrocosm. He then thanked the students and parents for the good cooperation, as well as the school management who left their mark on the lives of the students.

Now there were speeches by class teachers Angela Heberling (10 a) and Corina Wendy (10 b). One of them still had locks of blue glossy hair because the students won the bet about whether they all graduated from school. Both class teachers remembered with gratitude, but also a little longing, the past years with alternating classes, home studies, tests, but also exciting class trips. They praised the grateful interaction of young people and their willingness to talk about themselves, God and the world in a family atmosphere. The teachers wished their students God’s blessing on their future journey.

Class representatives Svenja Czogalla (10a) and Marina Knauf (10b) also emphasized that despite the differences, the classes complemented each other and grew together over time. They wanted them to discover when they meet again that everyone is well on their way to finding what’s best for them.

After handing out the certificate, Meret Büsenga received this year’s Markus-Schul-Prize of the Friends for the best grade (1.4). Friedbert Blaschke, deputy mayor of the municipality of Altlußheim, presented three community awards to the municipality. Lisa Maria Hohmeier received an award for involvement in her YouTube channel, where the chronically ill herself helps others in the same situation. Jan Kremer and Loughlin Rupp received an award for their high level of commitment to the school. The presentation of the certificates and awards ended with the musical piece Prelude No. 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach from “Well-Tempered Clavier” performed by Stephen Shareski.


The chairman of the Society of Friends of Jan Friedrich said goodbye to Nathalie Herzog’s very devoted parents, Sandra Linke and Simone Büsenga, who finish school with their children and hope for equally committed successors. Finally, Esther Osterroth thanked all those who visibly and in the background helped shape the ceremony and invited everyone present to the school anniversary on September 24.

Finally, the day was captured in photos before the alumni allowed the beautiful summer day to end with celebrations.

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