Marlen Schartmann: Berliners have come to West Pomerania! After many years, the commuting ended

There are quite a few Berliners in the Penkuner region who have settled there. On the one hand, this is due to the beautiful nature, but also to the proximity of the capital. Because Autobahn 11 takes you to the metropolis in an hour and a half. Living in the countryside is a dream for many city dwellers, but it doesn’t necessarily work. She works for Marlen Schartmann and her husband Ole and their three children. The family came to Storków. But it was a long way.

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Only as a weekend plot?

“We wanted to get out of Berlin,” says Marlen Schartmann. With this in mind, her husband Ole stumbled upon a property in Storków. “For sale” was written in front of him. We looked at it, Ole fell in love with it and we bought it, says the music therapist and social worker. Initially, it was intended as a weekend property. After all, the idea of ​​moving to West Pomerania had practical reasons, apart from the desire to “move out completely”. “We had two preschool children at the time. Finding a new kindergarten did not seem as problematic as forcing the children to change schools ”.

Choir and soccer

So, in 2010, the family risked moving to Storków. And this despite the fact that her husband Ole has his company in Berlin, and Marlen Schartmann also had to commute at the beginning. “It was a rehearsal. We wanted to see if it worked. Can we get here as a family? And this experiment has been going on for 12 years – says the 43-year-old smiling. They too were welcomed here with open arms – he emphasizes. “Antje Zibell, who was the mayor at the time, put me in the choir and Ole joined the soccer club right away.”

Children grow up in the countryside

Of course, the beginning was not without obstacles. “Ole used to commute to Berlin, and since it wouldn’t work if we were both commuting, I was looking for a job at Tantow. First as a social worker and then as a music teacher. ” As the third child was on the way in 2011, she took a break. “Middle One was a year old when we moved out of here. The youngest was born here. They feel at home in West Pomerania and grew up in the village – says Marlen Schartmann, who herself cannot imagine going anywhere else. “Nature, place and people. I don’t want to miss it. I also like visiting Berlin. I still think the city is great. But we got here years ago.

Work in the social field in the neighboring district

After the birth of the youngest ex-Berliner, he started working as an individual worker in Berlin. At the same time, she also started working in the social sector in the Barnim district. Since both of these things were incompatible with her family, she concentrated her work on the neighboring neighborhood. It went well at first. “I commuted to Barnim for four years before the pandemic started. I also started giving advice on color and style. But because of Corona, the employer quit the branch in 2020. We tried to work from home but it didn’t work.

Advice on color and style

During this time of limitations in contacts, the idea of ​​building something of her own was born in her. In West Pomerania. The idea of ​​color and style advice was implemented in April this year. Marlen Schartmann emphasizes that this is not a fashion tip. “I like discovering things and I find it incredibly exciting to discover someone’s essence,” explains the 43-year-old. Of course, she struggled with this subject for a long time, because it was only a shell, the outside. These are clothes, you go to the store, you get dressed, you can get dressed. “If you see more of it, you often find yourself in the esoteric corner immediately. A bit far from reality. But I like mundane things. A brave step. Seen in this way, Marlen Schartmann and her family have certainly arrived in Western Pomerania.

Marlen Schartmann presents his offer

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