PS5 Ticker: situation on PlayStation 5 July 18, 2022

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For many broadcasters, one, two, three months or more has passed since the last drop. When will we finally be able to buy the PS5 again?

PS5 traffic lights: where PlayStation 5 is currently available for purchase

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(in brackets: days since last online drop)

Status: July 18, 2022 (19:00)

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God of war Ragnarok will be released on November 9 and can be pre-ordered now:

  • Collector’s Edition (€ 249.99) at Amazon * and MediaMarkt *
  • God of War Ragnarök Launch Edition with free lanyard for 79.99 € at MediaMarkt *
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 4 at Amazon *
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 5 at Amazon *

The most important news on PlayStation 5:

PS5 + green energy + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West - now with E as simple (ad)
PS5 + Green Power + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West – Now with E for Easy (ad)


All offers are valid while stocks last (early sale possible):

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Message of July 18, 2022 (8:30 AM): Welcome to the new PS5 ticker week at GamesWirtschaft. The format has a loyal following of fans who are interested in the post-console evolution of the PS5 – thank you for staying with us.

But of course, the bar is mainly there to help as many video game fans as possible get their hands on a PlayStation 5.

And that is just as simple and complicated nowadays. ‘Simple’ because you can often get your console on demand from local retailers and electronics stores – sometimes to go straight away, sometimes with waiting times of several days or weeks.

And “complicated”, because purchasing the console via the Internet has never been so laborious this year – the number of PS5 drops has dropped to a new record low. So far, in July 2022, there has not been a single notable PS5 sale from mail order companies and online stores.

In retail, it is difficult to understand why deliveries have stopped. Because in May, and even in June, Sony Interactive was on the right track. More detailed information on the development will be revealed in the updated PS5 Screenshots that we will release later today.

Good news: Statistically, the amounts of PS5 are always much higher in the second half of the month than in the first weeks. It’s not clear why this is happening, but we get the feeling there’s a lot to be said about the consoles being distributed to branch offices in each country on a regional basis – and the German-speaking area is very rarely at the same time as France, UK or the US “.

What does this mean for the current calendar week? Since the last drop of PS5 on Saturn * and MediaMarkt * was a long time ago (namely two months), we consider the two market leaders to be the most promising candidates, along with Otto *. Müller is also late. In Medimax, it’s been a quarter of a year since the last drop.

And on Amazon? After the coveted Prime Day drop has failed, there is nothing else to do but re-target your target next Wednesday. Because the PS5 was only sold on Amazon this year this business day. Check your wishlists and watchlists to see if the following items are listed there. A Prime subscription remains essential – if you’re not a member there, you won’t be able to order a PS5.

  • PS5 Horizon: Official Forbidden West Bundle – Approx. € 570 * (Disc Edition)
  • PS5 Horizon: Official Forbidden West Bundle – approx. EUR 470 * (Digital Edition)
  • Official PS5 Horizon Bundle: Forbidden West Bundle + DualSense Controller – Price: Approx. 620 € * (Disc)
  • PS5 + DualSense controller white (approx. € 570 *)
  • PS5 Digital Edition + Midnight Black Controller (approx. € 470 *)
  • PlayStation 5 Horizon Bundle: Forbidden West * – Approximately € 570
  • PlayStation 5 with disc drive * for 499 euros
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition * for € 399

Millions of households are now looking at the coming weeks and months with great anxiety as there is a risk of huge additional and down payments for gas and electricity. So it’s no surprise that many consumers are now looking for alternative suppliers. If you’re here looking for a PS5 it might be worth a look E how simple Calculate.

The energy supplier from Cologne offers a PlayStation package as a bonus. Delivery time: approx. 14 days from signing the contract and payment of an additional 249 €. With the base price at MeinSmartTarif, you save another € 5 per month. The terms and conditions and all tariffs for green electricity and green gas for your region can be found on the E wie Einfach * website.

When the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 since September 2021 (as of May 30, 2022)
When the retailer sold the PlayStation 5 since September 2021 (as of May 30, 2022)

Let us know by email when you can deliver your pre-ordered PlayStation 5 or when you can pick it up. When you bring your newly shipped console to the TwitterInstagram and Facebook, you can link GamesWirtschaft or use a hashtag # PS5 has landed – it’s the fastest way for us to find you.

Buy PS5: Our watchlist for July 2022 (green = there were declines)

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