“Resilience Award 2022”: Sustainable and sustainable companies in demand in East Württemberg

A year ago, Wirtschaftsjunioren and Wirtschaftsclub Ostwuerttemberg announced the Resilience Award. The award was given by the association of young entrepreneurs, self-employed people and executives to regional companies that stand out for their resilience. Creative ideas and creativity were just as important as the ability to motivate employees and managers. The winners of those times were hailed as “the nest of all contests” and received the prize of such a “dungeon” that eats corona viruses and transforms them into more valuable elements.

There were enough reasons for such an award: in 2021, the award was about the pandemic and the special steps that companies took to defend themselves despite all the adversities. And in 2022, the world will appear a bit more in crisis in many respects, which also means numerous new challenges for the economy.

climate change

It is not only about the consequences of a pandemic or rising energy and resource costs, but also about climate change. For this reason, the judges of the Resilience Awards 2022 (Raw.22) want this year to honor companies that focus on sustainable development in the areas of economy, ecology or social issues, and thus make their companies more resilient and future-proof.

“We offer companies in East Württemberg a platform where sustainability, entrepreneurship and cohesion are honored, inspired and celebrated together,” said the awards committee chaired this year by David Grüner, Wirtschaftsjunioren district spokesman, and Detlef Köhn, president of the Business Club Ostwuerttemberg.

Resilience as an essential trait of successful companies, not only in times of crisis but also in general: Grüner defined the term as a category of psychology when RAW.21 was awarded: “The term describes how people respond to change through adapted behavior.”

harsh conditions

The timing of such an award could not have been better: tough business conditions already applied in 2021: depending on the industry, the corona crisis led to major cuts in business. And it was in this situation that the 2021 winners could stand out: Andreas Widmann from Zanger Restaurant Ursprung, who became inventive in 2020 due to blockades and the crown. In addition to delivering food for pickup, a whole new business area has been created with a delicatessen area, a new online store and digital events.

Or the Lorch-based Aradex AG, which successfully completed the customer’s project in China despite the corona restrictions. The key to success was also the extensive digitization of work processes. Meanwhile, top prize winner Chr. Renz GmbH has developed a completely new line of business, initially with the production of transparent PVC face shields for the health sector. As a result, completely new products have been added, such as a mask holder, a multi-functional hygiene hook, and disinfectants and dispensers.

Strong and creative together

The call for proposals for companies should also be understood in this spirit this year: “Especially when the changed framework conditions present us with new challenges, it is times like these that generate new strengths, creativity and communities that previously seemed impossible,” he says on the RAW website. 22.

What makes the three East Württemberg companies a true treasure in all industries?

Companies, institutions and organizations can apply by the end of August. Application documents can be found at www.resilience-award.com. The nominated candidates and winners of the RAW.22 competition will be honored at the beginning of October. Up to EUR 5,000 will be awarded for the prizes.

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A meeting place for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Wirtschaftsjunioren is an association of young entrepreneurs, self-employed and executives with a long tradition. The Wirtschaftsjunioren are not only regionally involved: with around 10,000 members, they belong to the largest association of young companies in Germany and also have a large international network.

Entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers and people interested in what is happening in the economy meet at the Ostwuerttemberg Economic Club to obtain information and exchange experiences. The club is close to IHK Ostwuerttemberg in Heidenheim and maintains close contacts with business juniors.

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