Rülke and Haag: No more green-black 1% policy | NEWS

18/07/2022 | Ensure economic growth, prosperity and global success with e-fuels, end the renunciation and prohibitions debates!

At the state press conference of the FDP / DVP parliamentary group on “Fuel for climate protection. Greater use of e-fuels in Autoland Baden-Württemberg, ”said the leader of the parliamentary group Dr. Hans Ulrich Ruelke:

“Even after years of intensive financing, the share of battery electric vehicles in Baden-Württemberg is negligible at less than 1%. Purchase bonuses, tax credits and other perks of a 1% e-mobility policy create bad incentives. They distort competition between energy sources and technologies, and inhibit the innovation of our economy. While Chinese battery cell producers achieve record sales, around 410,000 jobs are at risk in Germany and Baden-Württemberg, victims of the low vertical integration of battery electric vehicles.

Pioneers – not banning drivers – have led Baden-Württemberg to economic growth, prosperity and global success. Germany and Baden-Württemberg continue to be world leaders in e-fuel technologies, followed closely by developing Japan. To ensure future economic growth, prosperity and global success, the green conservative state government must target our technological and knowledge advantages, rather than slipping into sloppy dependence on China through technological one-sidedness. Only with synthetic fuels, thanks to which each internal combustion engine can already be operated in a CO2-neutral manner, can we successfully transform our domestic automotive industry in an economically and socially acceptable way. It is only with synthetic fuels that we can provide expertise in vehicle and machine engineering that has developed over the decades. Only by using synthetic fuels can we prepare the internal combustion engine invented in Baden-Württemberg for the future. A long time ago the state government has to finally pave the way for greater use of e-fuels in Autoland Baden-Württemberg with the measures we demand! “

Frederick Haaga spokesman for the parliamentary group on individual mobility underlined:

“Even today, any internal combustion engine, whether on the road, in ships or in the air, can be operated CO2-neutral and thus suddenly make a noticeable contribution to climate protection.

Contrary to what is often presented in public debates, the engine is not the problem: fuel determines climate balance. Manufactured in ideal production facilities around the world, e-fuels produced from electricity, water and CO2 could herald the transition to climate-neutral mobility of tomorrow. Looking at the approximately 7 million internal combustion engines currently registered in Baden-Württemberg, it becomes clear: consistent climate protection starts with fuel.

Not only for the climate – also for the economy, e-fuels have great potential for the future. According to forecasts, around 470,000 new jobs may be created in Germany alone and an increase in added value of EUR 36.4 billion per year. If we are to succeed in re-routing towards a climate-neutral future, we must create an all-technology framework and comprehensively increase the production and use of CO2-neutral fuels. Thanks to technologies made in Baden-Württemberg and the know-how of our engineers, we want to support windy and sunny countries of the world in the production of e-fuels on an industrial scale. In this way, we use our strengths, protect the climate and become independent from the countries of the world rich in gas and oil.

Therefore, we call on the state government to work decisively towards the Sustainable Energy Partnership and to strive for the full recognition of CO2 neutral fuels in all areas. The issue of synthetic fuels at on-site fuel stations distributed statewide, the associated refueling of the state fleet and public transport, and comprehensive coverage in its own fuel and vehicle tenders are long overdue. Finally, as a representative of Autoland Baden-Württemberg, Grün-Schwarz must also strongly promote the free sale of synthetic fuels. Let’s end unrealistic renunciation debates and prohibition policies that are far from public opinion! Let’s make climate-friendly mobility possible for everyone! “

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