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The alleged IHK emails: Software corruption warning

Scammers apparently want to use the new scam to install malware on companies’ computers: there are now alleged emails from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry asking to be registered with “IHK Germany”. According to IHK Schleswig-Holstein, these e-mails are not from IHK and can cause damage. Recommendation: delete emails without reading them and do not click on links. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 19:00

Günther calls for further assistance to core suppliers

Against the background of impending gas shortages Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) from the federal government for more support for the public utilities. In his opinion, the previous obligations of the federal government are not sufficient. The economic collapse of individual suppliers, especially local primary suppliers, would have incalculable consequences, according to Günther. To avoid the domino effect, insolvency should be avoided at all costs. Günther also urges the federal government to adjust the room temperature regulations in workplaces: currently, 20 degrees is required for sedentary work. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:00

UKSH Coronation Survey: Many have long complaints

The Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Center (UKSH) with headquarters in Kiel and Lübeck ma the first results on the long-term consequences of Covid-19 have been published. Accordingly, half of the infected people in the study complained of long-term symptoms. In the so-called COVIDOM study, scientists analyzed 1,400 survivors of a corona infection. According to UKSH, most of the respondents had mild or moderate disease. Less than ten percent required hospital treatment. Nevertheless, every second study participant reported complaints that persisted even after the acute phase of the disease. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:00

Swimming in SH: Good water quality, enough lifeguards

According to current measurements, the quality of bathing water in this state is very good, according to the Ministry of Health of Schleswig-Holstein. So far, in 922 tested water samples, the limit values ​​for various bacteria have not been exceeded. As a result, bathing is possible throughout Schleswig-Holstein without any hygienic hazards. The Bordesholmer See (district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde) has a bathing warning due to washed-out algae. Only one bathing area on the Elbe in Brokdorf (Steinburg district) is closed due to poor quality: in 2021 it was classified as “poor” and therefore closed for the entire bathing season. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:00

The West Coast Clinic in Heide is expecting more patients due to the high temperatures

With temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius announced in the next few days, the West Coast clinic in Heide is expecting an increasing number of patients. This is the case with all heatwaves, but especially this one, a spokeswoman for the clinic said. Therefore, the hospital calls for precautionary measures. In particular, children, elderly people, disabled people and pets should not be left in the car under any circumstances – not even for a short time or with the window open. In addition, you should drink enough – here too, the West Coast Clinic points out that those in need of protection should be provided with enough water. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:30

Südermarkt in Heide: A survey of young people was presented

After the brutal clashes at Heider Südermarkt, representatives of politics, administration and the police meet again today for a round table. KAST (Kieler Anti-Violence and Social Training) staff talked to young people for almost a month to find out why young people meet at Südermarkt, what their needs are and why there are always arguments and arguments. The results of the mini-study are to be presented in the late afternoon. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:30

The Flensburg Brewery uses oil in the event of a gas failure

No beer without gas – such concerns have recently been expressed by breweries in southern Germany. The Flensburg brewery is therefore taking precautions: If necessary, an oil burner is available which has not been used for about 25 years, explains marketing manager Jörn Schumann, as the processes in the boiler and the production of the boiler require a lot of energy. glass bottles: “Plan B is that we will have an oil tank from the beginning of August so we can switch to oil quickly.” | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 16:30

More and more people in Schleswig-Holstein suffer from hypertension

In Schleswig-Holstein, the number of people suffering from hypertension has increased. Currently, this affects more than one in four people. The equivalent of nearly 840,000 people in Schleswig-Holstein have been diagnosed with hypertension. This is according to the Barmer health insurance company physician’s report for 2020. The proportion of sick people has increased by about 14 percent in ten years. This was more common in women than in men. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 12:00

A23 in the direction of Hamburg, only one traffic lane

Starting today, anyone who wants to take the A23 motorway from Schleswig-Holstein to Hamburg must be patient. From 9am onwards, the route from Halstenbek-Krupunder is only one lane. This was announced by the responsible Autobahn GmbH, which is expecting a lot of traffic jams. There is currently only one lane in the opposite direction. The reason for this is the construction work on the A23 which has been going on for several months. The motorway will be completely renewed between the Halstenbek-Krupunder junction and the Hamburg Northwest triangle. About 90,000 vehicles use the A23 every day – but there are significantly fewer of them during the holiday season as few commute to work. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 7.18.2022 08:00

The risk of forest fires in Schleswig-Holstein is increasing

Due to the expected high temperatures The risk of forest fires in Schleswig-Holstein is increasing this week. According to the German Weather Service, the south of the country is particularly hard hit. According to the fire brigade, about 85 percent. forest and forest fires are caused by external factors, such as discarded cigarettes, improperly discarded grilled food or glass waste. Rescue services urge people not to smoke in forests and not to light open fire. Do not smoke weeds in the garden. In the event of a forest fire, flee through the wind, not into the clouds of smoke. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 07:00

A mobile blood donor on his way north

From now on, the German Red Cross (DRC) blood donation vehicle travels north again and also stops in Schleswig-Holstein. In this way, stocks of blood products should be replenished – because, according to the Northeast Blood Service, this is often enough. A cell phone for donating blood should therefore also attract attention and remind people that donating blood is always needed. Four people can donate in a cell at the same time. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 06:00

Scientists from Kiel find evidence of cyanobacterial blooms

Scientists from the University of Kiel have investigated the causes of the so-called cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea. According to research, the origin is in the open sea and not, as is often assumed, near the coast. Cyanobacteria blooms are a recurring problem in the Baltic Sea in late summer. Flowers can affect water quality by producing toxins. In addition, they release nutrients, especially nitrogen, and thus increase the lack of oxygen. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 06:30

Schleswig-Holstein ranked third for lightning strikes

They are in Schleswig-Holstein last year The third most frequently struck by lightning in the whole country. According to the new Siemens Blitzatlas, it was 1.67 flashes per square kilometer. Before Schleswig-Holstein lay Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. In comparison with the cities of the so-called NDR Schleswig-Holstein 7/18/2022 5:30 am

Weather: clean and dry

Tonight loose clouds and longer sun, dry at 21 to 28 degrees. Mostly clear at night, a few clouds here and there. Lowers 16 to 10 degrees. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 07/18/2022 15:30

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