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PARIS (dpa-AFX) – So far, Germany has been spared the heat that has been spreading in southern Europe for several days. At the beginning of the week, the Federal Republic of Germany must now prepare for a sweaty effort. According to the German weather service, temperatures will exceed 35 degrees on Tuesday, and 40 degrees in the west. It is also expected to remain hot in much of southern Europe. The highest level of heat warning is in western France, while another heat wave is expected in Italy. In Portugal and Spain, on the other hand, the situation may slowly improve.

In view of the expected weather conditions, the Medical Association of Marburg is calling for a national heat protection plan and an information campaign. “Politicians must significantly step up their conservation efforts in heat phases,” said Susanne John, chairman of the German editorial network (RND). Cities and municipalities need heat protection plans so that senior institutions or hospitals can better prepare for heat waves, “best regulated by a national heat protection plan”. Specific rules of conduct are also important, “for example through the information campaign of the Federal Agency for Citizenship Education”. “More training is needed on heat-related diseases, temperature storage of medicines,” and “building adaptation”.

The Verdi union demands relief for workers. “Of course, in extreme heat, we demand longer breaks or early termination – no heat – even if there is no such right,” said Norbert Reuter, head of the collective bargaining policy department at Verdi, RND. “Here, in agreement with the works council, it must be established when the lost working hours can be made up, if necessary.” Calls for the “full potential” of the flexible working time provisions to be used for shifting working hours, as these are already enshrined in the Technical Regulations for Workplaces (ASR).

In addition to Germany, high temperatures are now also approaching the UK, where for the first time ever there is a red heat weather warning on Monday and Tuesday. Up to 40 degrees in much of England are expected. The temperature record so far is 38.7 degrees. The government announced a disaster due to an expected heat record.

France has also urged the people of the country to be especially careful in the face of the expected rise in temperatures. The weather service Mto France has set the highest red warning level for almost all of the French Atlantic coast and other western areas by Monday afternoon and the temperature records will almost certainly be broken.

With the persistent dry heat and strong winds south of Bordeaux, a fierce battle continues against two large forest fires. The situation worsened on Sunday afternoon. The fire in Teste-de-Buch reached the sea and from there it exploded south. The changing winds intensified the forest fire in Landiras. So far, almost 13,000 hectares of land in this area have been burnt. More than 16,000 people had to leave their homes for safety.

In addition to forest fires that break out time and time again, Italy also suffers from a lack of rain. The Coldiretti Farmers’ Association warned on Sunday with crop losses of up to 70 percent in some areas. According to the statement, fruits and vegetables are burned in the fields. This applies to varieties ranging from peppers to melons, apricots, tomatoes and eggplants. In Sicily and Sardinia, authorities have re-raised the level of forest fire warnings in parts of the islands. The highest level 3 is already in force locally in Sicily.

The Greek fire department continues to rate the risk of forest fires in many parts of the country as “very high”. On Monday, the Attica region with the capital of Athens was particularly hit, as well as the islands of Euba, Crete, Lesbos and Samos and the north-eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. First of all, the difficulties are sometimes caused by strong winds blowing in the gis – they can heat up an almost suffocated fire in the blink of an eye and push it forward.

About 30 forest fires were still active in Spain on Sunday evening. The fires have razed tens of thousands of hectares to the ground in the last few days, state television RTVE reports, citing regional authorities. Meanwhile, in Portugal, around 1,000 emergency services extinguished 16 active forest fires on Sunday evening. According to the nature conservation agency ICNF, flames in Portugal destroyed some 30,000 hectares of forest in just over a week.

Meanwhile, in both countries on the Iberian Peninsula, there was reason to hope for the falling temperatures. In Portugal, the government has therefore refused to extend the “Estado de contingncia”, the third highest state of emergency that expires on Monday, yet after a week. “The temperature is expected to drop by two to eight degrees in the coming days,” said Interior Minister Jos Luis Carneiro. In Spain, the heatwave, which has swept virtually the entire country for nine days, will end from Monday to Tuesday, according to the national weather service Aemet./rbo/DP/zb

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